1.Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

Damn just after looking so cool, why does this small cage weigh so much!? Isn’t it made of bone? Perhaps there’s more to it. I guess if it was that easy to lift she would’ve escaped by now. Perhaps the bones are not from a human and carry more density than human bones.

Tom is catching his breath while contemplating how to free the child from the cage. He notices the rock just next to the small bone cage.

I could find a long bone or a sturdy stick and use this rock as a fulcrum to create some leverage.

Tom goes away from the cage momentarily in search for a rigid bone or stick to use for his lever.

Tom: “Ah this bone looks perfect.”

Rain: “ALICE!!!!!!!”

Rain comes running in tears towards the bone cage. Once arriving at the cage he instantly picks up the cage and throws it to the side. After freeing his daughter he hugs her tightly. His face is a mess from the constant flow of tears. Tears well up in the daughters eyes as well; it was a very touching reunion.

Tom: “So much for the lever plan…”

Rain: “Your daddy was s-soooo sca-scared! I won’t let you out of my sights again!”

Alice didn’t speak but just remained crying while holding her father’s shoulder. Both their eyes begin to close while hugging. After a couple minutes of silence Rain places his daughter on the ground carefully and wipes his eyes. He then turns towards Tom while holding his daughters hand.

Rain: “Thank you Tom. I will not forget this.”

Rains eyes held the same look of determination as when he was at the adventurer’s guild. Not sure how to reply Tom timidly sent his gaze to the floor while giving a faint smile.

Tom: “It’s only natural to help in such a circumstance. It is fortunate we weren’t too late.”

Rain looks down and gives an awkward smile while reminiscing over the scene of his helplessness.

Rain: “If it were anyone else we would’ve been…”

Rain looks to the floor; his face scrunches up slightly and his free hand clenches tightly, He was reminiscing over himself deplorably.

Tom: “Someone else would’ve got there sooner.”

Though what Tom said was true, there was no one else. Supposing there was another capable candidate, in a situation where a lone mage fought against three wraiths it was clear who the victor would be. Rain had realised this all too clearly.

Rain: “Still to start the incantation before arriving at the plains. What incredible foresight you must’ve had.”

What did he say? I started my incantation before arriving? It seems he has come to his own conclusion. I’m sure I said something just before casting? Did he not hear me? Perhaps he didn’t remember. Well whatever I don’t care about his misconception too much.

Tom: “I guess you could say that.”

Rain was too absorbed in letting his hatred out on the floor that he had not heard Tom back then. However Alice heard Tom all too clearly and is currently looking rather confused.

Rain: “Since I made a formal request at the adventurer’s guild, the reward money currently resides there as a matter of procedure.”

Tom: “I see. It’s understandable”

I guess it makes sense. If the Quest giver had the money on their person and their location was advertised in public it could be quite problematic. No doubt they could easily become the target of theft. Another situation is where the adventurer fails the quest then kills the employer obtaining the reward fee, then they return to report the employer’s death as the work of the monster he was asked to kill.

Rain: “I will accompany you since you didn’t pick up the request poster for me to sign.”

Tom: “Ah, my bad.”

It seems the normal procedure is to take the request poster with you and then get it signed by the employer after completion. This would also prevent multiple people taking the same quest.

Rain: “It’s ok; I would have wanted to express my satisfaction at the adventurer’s guild anyway.”

The three of them began to walk back to Rhimesville.  Alice was being given a piggyback from Rain, they trotted along merrily. However for Tom the journey was tiring, he slightly envied Alice for getting a piggyback ride. Tom didn’t voice this complaint out loud as his pride wouldn’t have let him live it down.

It was late by the time they arrive back, primarily due to Tom’s terrible stamina. Upon entering the adventurer’s guild they catch eyes with Mary. A slight smile could be seen across her face as she attends to the adventurer in front of her. It was the plate armour guy from earlier, he had quite a lot of green liquid over his armour and it appears he is returning to collect the rewards from a recently completed quest. No one else is within the guild, likely because it was not long until closing time. After the man finishes collecting his rewards he then moves to exit the guild. The man in plate notices Tom, he notices that the quest was completely successfully. A couple seconds after Tom passes him he stops, he turns around and looks at Tom carefully. The man in plate then exits the guild.

Mary: “Not dead yet I see.”

Tom: “Sorry about ignoring the advice, I do plan to join a party. I just haven’t managed to find one yet.”

Mary: “You expect to find a party out in the corrupted lands, do you?”

Tom: “I guess not…”

Mary seems slightly angry that I ignored her earlier advice. To think she would worry about a new adventurer she’s barely met. I wonder if all guild receptionists are like this.

Mary: “Well anyway its good you returned alive and well.”

Rain: “I came to give my signature and express my satisfaction.”

Mary: “Oh yes Tom forgot to take the request.”

Mary fumbles under the counter momentarily and puts the request sheet in front of Rain.

Tom: “Ah thanks. Sorry next time I will make sure to take it with me.”

Mary: “I knew you accepted the request so I took it down from the board, you should be careful about not doing that again. Another adventurer could accept the quest by accident.”

Rain promptly signs the sheet; Mary goes out of view momentarily to collect the money. She returns with a small sac and places it on the table.

Mary: “The quest reward totals to 1 silver and 50 copper coins”

Tom graciously accepts the money.

Mary: “I’m sorry but traditionally the quest recipient should not be present when a quest giver expresses satisfaction.”

Tom: “I understand. I will head to an Inn I know nearby.”

Tom begins to walk towards the exit. But he feels a tug at his feet. It was the girl he saved in the corrupted lands.

Alice: “Thanks mister wizard. Though you are quite physically challenged you’re the best wizard ever!”

Even though it’s a compliment I can’t help but get slightly depressed. She called me physically challenged; kids really are blunt about these things.

Tom: “Thank you Alice. Make sure you are careful not to get lost in the future.”

Alice gives a strong nod and releases Tom’s leg. Tom then leaves the guild.

Damn that kid is strong. I struggled to move when she grabbed me, does that mean I’m even weaker than a kid… Well whatever, where was that Inn again.

Rain watches Tom as he leaves the adventurer’s guild.

Rain: “Mary.”

Mary: “Yes Rain.”

Rain: “Do you know what Tom’s level is?”

Mary looks at Rain slightly confused.

Mary: “No. Why do you ask?”

Rain turns back around to face Mary after Tom had left the guild

Rain: “He defeated three wraiths.”

Mary: “three!? But that’s impossible for a lone wizard.”

Rain: “He cast three fireballs simultaneously. All hit true.”

Mary’s eyes open in shock.

Mary: “to cast three advanced tier spells at once, and for their speed and accuracy not to be effected. He must be at least level 30!”

Mary had seemed to come to her own conclusion about the wizard Tom’s level.

Rain: “You would think, right?”

Mary notices Rain’s tone. She realises he must have some information regarding the mysterious man called Tom.

Mary: “What do you mean by that?”

Rain: “Though he seems adept at magic, his stamina is far too low to be level 30. He couldn’t walk 100 meters without nearly collapsing in exhaustion.”

Stamina, agility and strength increase by 1 every 3 levels even without any talent. If he was level 30 he shouldn’t have been exhausted so easily.

Rain: “What’s more I couldn’t see a magic tool on him.”

Mary looks at Rain disappointingly. Surely he jests, there is no way Tom could have done all that without a magic tool. If what Rain says is true about his stamina then it’s impossible for him to cast so much as a glass of water, let alone a fireball.

Mary: “Surely you joke. He probably keeps his magic tools hidden.”

Rain gives a faint smile while giving a small chuckle.

Rain: “Perhaps you are right.”

After brushing everything off as Rains misunderstanding they began to talk cheerfully about other things like kids and family and such. Rain then leaves with Alice to return home.

Mary: “Hah that was a refreshing conversation. I guess it’s time to close up shop.”

While Mary was closing her shop her thought wondered back to the odd man that she met in the morning.

Mary: “To defeat three wraiths alone. He’s definitely not normal.”

Mary then returns to her house to get a good night’s sleep.

Tom: “The Bear’s Head Inn. Yep this is the place.”

Tom enters the Inn that previously provided him with hospitality. There was a man at the counter; he was sleeping with his face limp.

Tom: “Excuse me.”

The man suddenly wakes up. He seems slightly embarrassed by being caught sleeping. His eyes widen slightly as he notices who awoke him.

Man: “Ah it’s you! You probably don’t remember me; I was the one who found you the other day. Is everything ok now?”

Ah so this man must be the man Celia mentioned. What was his name again, ah that’s right it was Dave.

Tom: “yes I’m fine now thanks to the help Dave gave me.”

Dave gives a big grin.

Dave: “Is that so? That’s great news!”

Tom: “How did you find me?”

Dave puts his hand on his chin and begins scrunches up his face slightly. He then gives an expression as if to say “Ah I remember now!” He then begins to elaborate on his story.

Dave: “I was on guard duty and while patrolling the circumference of the village I noticed a light coming from the forest. Deciding I should investigate, I headed towards the light to find out what it was. Upon arriving I discovered there was a forest fire! That’s when I saw you collapsed just on the edge of where the flames were approaching. I ran over to you and picked you up then swiftly left the forest. I then reported the fire to the local guards and took you back to the Inn.”

It seems to have gone roughly how I expected it to have. Seems that the light produced from the fire is what let him to find me.

Tom: “What happened with the guards and the forest fire?”

Dave: “They went over to the forest to try and find the fire. However instead of finding the fire they ran into a very wet and burnt down forest area. There was a very grumpy looking water spirit that stared daggers at them. They left promptly.”

A very grumpy water spirit huh. I get the feeling I should try and avoid meeting it; it probably won’t be happy to see me…

Tom: “I see. Thanks or saving me I really owe you a lot.”

Dave: “It’s no problem. Anyway what can I do for you?”

Tom: “I would to like to purchase a room for the night.”

I put 10 copper coins on the table and push them towards Dave.

Dave: “This can get you around three nights.”

Tom: “I will only buy one for now; the rest is thanks for saving me.”

I think considering how screwed I would’ve been if he hadn’t helped me I think this is the least I should do.

Dave: “I will graciously accept your offering, are you ok with the same room as before?”

Tom: “Ah yes that would be nice.”

He goes away for a second and comes back with a key.

Dave: “This is the key to your room; hope you have a nice stay.”

Tom: “Thanks.”

Tom walks up the stairs and enters his room. After locking the door he places his sack of money on the table. He sits on the edge of his bed and undresses ready for bed.

Tom: “Status.”

Name: Tom

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Level: 7

Health: 25/25

Mana: 22/40

Strength: 3

Agility: 3

Stamina: 3

Skills: Chanting omission, Mana conservation, Eternal youth, Sense


Tom clicks the combat icon

Combat log

5 hours ago: Wraith dies. You receive 190 exp.

5 hours ago: Wraith takes 100 damage from magic fire.

5 hours ago: Wraith dies. You receive 196 exp.

5 hours ago: Wraith takes 100 damage from magic fire.

5 hours ago: Wraith dies. You receive 211 exp.

… Scroll down


Seems I levelled twice. Awesome my stamina increased by 1! At least I won’t be a cripple for too long at this rate. Also looks like mana does not get replenished upon levelling, though I suspected as much. It seems a wraith is worth around 200 exp. I guess their half as strong as a Living Wood. Still not sure what a Living Wood is.

Tom: “Well I managed to survive a day without dying.”

Tom climbs into his bed. His stomach grumbles…

Damn I’m hungry. I guess I arrived back quite late and no food shops were open. Next time I go adventuring I need to bring some food with me. First thing I will do in the morning is grab some grub. I should also get some new clothes while I’m at it.

After Tom decides to do various shopping in the morning he promptly goes to sleep.



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  1. I'm Da Bomb says:

    Amazing story! I can’t wait for more. BTW are there people besides wizards who can do magic in the story? Also it would be cool if tom wore clothes that wizard usually wear(pointy hat, robe,etc) and will the magic items be like magic wands and staves or something. If Tom gets a magic staff, I think that would be awesome. THANKS!

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  2. ressa64 says:

    Thank you for the chapter! I really enjoyed reading this. I hope to see more.

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  3. AdeH. says:

    Thanx for the chapter 😀
    That guy should really get himself an elekro bike or something like that…^^
    Looking forward to the next one.

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  4. kmx72 says:

    Thx for new chapter , and this is great story, though there are some things that can t be explained that well, waiting with anxiousness for next chapter

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  5. crtlhakuei says:

    Thanks for the chapter! It was a nice read. By the way… Just a little opinion… besides thar TOM IS COOL OH YEAH!

    Ehem… well… The little girl, Alice, says he is “Physically Challenged”. If I’m not wrong, and I hope not.. Whe is 8 years old or so…. So “Physically Challenged” is not a word a little girl knows, and much less in a “Medievalish” setting. But it’s not wrong either!! I mean, that part made me laugh loud… so to not let it look so strange, Tom should say in his thoughts something like: “Where did this little girl learned that expresion?!” or something the like.

    And also… If Rain coud not listen to Tom talking due to regretting his lateness… How could he notice he fired simultaneously three [Fireballs]? I guess he listened him and moved his attention to Tom when he noticed the fireballs being shot? Or he deducted it by looking at the wraiths dying at the same time? It was just a very little doubt of mine.

    Thanks for the update and I’m eagerly waiting for the next chapter already!

    P.S: Hope I didn’t offend you with my remarks. And sorry if I did.

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    • malvazar says:

      I see what you mean about the girl and the medieval fantasy setting. The main character would likely think it strange(even with his infrequent social interactions). I will likely add a line similar to what you suggested in.

      The fireball thing is primarily due to how the magic system works, Incantation takes a while so Dave came to the conclusion he must’ve chanted the 3 fireballs at once. I haven’t explained much about how the magic system works for normal wizards yet. Perhaps how I explained things was a little confusing. When he meets other wizards or adventurers it will come to light I guess.

      I don’t take offence so no worries :). Besides others might have the same confusion and I wouldn’t want my audience to be confused.

      This coming week(until next Friday) I have a lot of physics coursework stuff to do. I will try and get at least one chapter made before then, but my pace might slow down temporarily. After the coursework there’s revision, I don’t think this will make too much of an impact since I won’t have lectures to go to.

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    Thanks for the chapter! I really like the story.

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