Chapter 2


Alex walked away wondering why he had shown the lady his face she had been so kind to him and even donated a check for hundred fifty dollars. It had been several hours since he had left Ms. Nyuen’s house and he had collected more donations without incident but what had happen was still on his mind. He had always had problems refusing people, it caused him a lot in school. It always started simply with small things usually a pen, but always escalated quickly, everyone always had the same thought pass through their head.

“What a pushover” he uttered to himself as he approached his car, he pulled out the small bottle of water he had received earlier. After a bit of struggling to remove the cap he quickly drank the bottles contents, only to realize his had made a mistake as dark spot slowly formed on his shirt, he quickly got into his car and tossed the bottle aside.

“Damn it not again.” Alex said as he reached for a towel of the passenger’s seat and quickly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a large square of gauze. He removed the tape around gauze hoping it would dry quickly so he could reuse it. Beneath was a towel similar to the one he had in his stubby hand, he removed it to reveal the cavity going straight though his body even where his spine should have been only blocked by another square of gauze on his back.

“I just can’t get used to how this body works now.” The towel had no blood and in reality he had no need to cover or fill the hole, but he realized quickly that light shone through his clothing and this bothered him. He felt no pain in the spaces that were missing but strangely he could still heel paint from simple pinches or scrapes which confused him. He also had the unpleasant knowledge of knowing how your insides feel when it gets too cold and the slippery feeling of having water enter and exit your chest. Needless to say he didn’t like the feeling, he squeezed the towel out of his window getting as much water out as possible before throwing in the back seat. He carefully stuffed the new towel in so when he inevitably forgets again he’ll have time to act.

“Well I should get home.” He said to himself as he replace the covering which had dried slightly, and re-buttoning his shirt. He started his car and drove off.

>             >             >             >

“Hey I found part of a hand over here.” Said the man wearing a bright orange safety vest, his friend had mocked him when he first wore it claiming he had no use for it, to prove them wrong he had started to wear his vest everywhere to the point where even his wife was starting to become embarrassed. The man argued that he had never felt safer then when he was wearing his vest, he recently started to call it is lucky charm. He even believed it was what had helped him find two corpses after the accident of flight 147 during his day off, he had decided to go hiking and found the corpses of two of the passengers a week after the accident. He decided that he would help with the search during his days of but so far no one had found anything except the occasional bag of luggage that had fallen prior to the crash.

“We’re going to have to call the police for this one.” Said the woman that had come over as she started to dial the local police station, the man looked at her questioningly why would we need the police for a passengers hand.

“We don’t need to call the police I know it must belong to one of the people on that flight.” He explained to the woman, he thought to himself why such incompetent woman would be out here if she didn’t know what they were looking for. She must have been dragged into helping her friend or something he thought, she always had an appearance he assume she didn’t want to be here. The woman usually wore and two old shirts with small hole and an old pair of jeans, she actually thought that this would be the best to wear while searching for the last twelve people. She felt obliged to help as she was actually supposed to of had flown that day but missed the flight due to her car having engine troubles. The airline understood when she asked for time off the go and help search for the crew she had been friends with during their employment.

“Haven’t you notice something off about what you found?” she asked the man, he just kept looking between the woman and the hand and didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about but you’re going to waste the police’s time and gas for something they already know, we have offices around here helping they said just bag and ice everything we find.” He parroted what he had been told by the volunteer officers around, even now the man still didn’t understand the part about the ice but did what they told him. Having realized how dense the person before her say she slowly explained why they need to call the police.

“Ok, how long ago was the accident?”

“About a month ago I think?”

“It was over a month ago ok, anything we find at this point will be bones and scraps of flesh, yet the hand you found doesn’t looks like it isn’t even beginning to rot or decay so I can’t be older than a few days.” She could see the light bulb come on as he looked at the hand again.

“So that mean theirs thirteen bodies out here doesn’t it?” he asked realizing the gravity of the situation.

“You go grab one to the volunteer officers you talked to ill call the police department and tell the there was a possible murder.”

>             >             >             >             >

Alex got home after going to deposit the donations at the bank he had a bit of trouble when a new employee was cashing you the checks he had received. The employee looked at his ID and asked if he would mind removing the bandage on his face to match his ID, luckily the employees manage over heard this and quickly came over and apologized for his staffs rude request. The manager knew Alex as they had spoken when he first came in to deposit money a few weeks prior and was aware of but had not seen his ‘disfigurement’ so he pressed no further. After speaking with the manager for a few minute while his transaction took place Alex quickly left the bank heading home.

He quietly walked in and changed into some more casual clothing as he turned on this computer and waited for it to boot up. Hanging the button up shirt with his pants for tomorrow and grabbing a shirt he had bought online with the words (Where expectations come to die.) written in a large font on the chest area and picture of a small coffin below. He also switch into some loose shorts, he looked down at his misshapen legs wrapped in bandages in different places. He decided to go on some forums and read the thing people were posting and the click-bait in his social sites. He liked to read these post there was always things that interested him, he was reading a story about a man who lived in a dumpster to show simplified living when something caught his attention.


He clicked on the link to find an article outlining the story and an interview with the man who found the 13th victim of the crash.

“I knew something wasn’t right when I first laid eyes and that hand and I just had to call the police.” The article shows picture of the hand in question that were taken by said man before police arrived. It is stated that the hand will be kept on ice at the coroner’s office and anyone with any information should contact the police as suspicions of foul play are possible.

“Well isn’t that just my luck they found my hand but now it even harder to get to it.” Alex said as he tried to think of a way to get back what was his, he didn’t want to back to the coroner’s office a second time.


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