Chapter 3


Around eight a.m. Alex awoke groggy and lethargic, he knew he had a flight he had to catch but he was up late. He had been arguing to pros and cons of some of his favorite television show with some acquaintances he had me on some image boards. Having met during a discussion about spoilers he added the to his medias friends list.

“I should make some breakfast.” He said to himself as he got out of bed still thinking of the conversation the night before. The quickly showered and changed into the clothing he was planning to wear for his flight, just a loose pair of pant and a single plain white tee and some low top shoes anything to pass thru airport security faster. He had even had his carry-on bag with only 4 sets of similar clothing and small travel sized amenities prepared for almost a week ahead of time. He began to prepare a breakfast of bacon n’ eggs and a stack of pancakes when he realized he didn’t have any eggs left as he gazed upon the barren refrigerator.

“Damn, I forgot I threw away the stuff that could go bad.” He murmured to himself he decided to just eat breakfast at whatever place was along the way. He knew there were at least two popular fast food chain restaurants along the way so he could grab breakfast at one or the other. As barely an hour had passed since he woke he grabbed all of his bags and was about to leave when he heard a knock on the door.

“Delivery!” he heard the mailman call from the other side of the door curious what it was he quick went to open the door before the mailman left. If he missed whatever was being delivered he wouldn’t be back until next week and they might return to send, he dropped his luggage where he stood and ran for the door all the while yelling.

“I’m coming, wait up!” he yelled as he unlocked the door and saw the mailman checking his pockets.

“Perfect, sign here.” As the mailman pulled a pen from his pocket and gave it to Alex to sign on the dotted line. Alex quickly looked over the mail receipt to make sure it was the right address and signed.

“Thank you, have a wonderful day.” He said as the mailman walked away and Alex closed the door. Wondering what it was the went to the kitchen to find a pair of scissors to cut open the bulging plastic envelope after a failed attempt to rip it open. Carefully cutting it open he found a shirt he couldn’t remember ordering and several inserts for discount off his next purchase. He had a habit if buying items online when would drink a bit too much, a month prior he had been at a party of an acquaintance of his with something similar to an open bar. At the time he didn’t remember drinking too much, he didn’t remember much at all really.

“Ah, I understand now,” he said moving to the closet to up the shirt with other thing he has bought over the years, he had amassed a plethora of oddities and trinkets, including a USB pet rock, a self-turning fork, a curled cat shaped USB mouse, and multiple novelty shirts and hats. He put the shirt away planning to look it over later but noting the small coffin and again prepared to leave now noting that 30 more minutes had passed he left in a hurry after grabbing everything needed and left locking the door and hiding a spare key inside the fake wire box by his door that easily was opened.

“Alright everything’s set time to go.” he said as he got into his car and drove out to the street and on his way to get breakfast.


“You’re telling me you’re not serving breakfast anymore? But it’s barely ten thirty-five there is still more than twenty minutes left.” He said getting more upset as his stomach growled, he had passed the first store 40 minutes before and decided to eat closer to the airport. When he had arrived there was a long line and he saw people getting breakfast, when he arrived at the front of the line he had been told breakfast had stopped being server

“I’m sorry sir breakfast isn’t served after 10:30 we can make you something else if you like.” Spoke the cashier as she was patient waiting, she understood the man’s confusion most other stores in the chain had breakfast server until 11 but this particular one ended at 10:30 due to people from the east coast coming in wanting lunch.

“Damn it fine I’ll take a small combo that’s all.” He said as he paid for his items he pulled out his phone to check the time again and realized he had approximately forty-five minutes to eat and go park his car in the prolonged parking area. This actually took less time than he had believed he would need and was done with 20 minutes to eat on the go.

“*munch* Damn I’m a little behind I wanted to get there early.” he spoke to himself as he got strange looks from the other passengers for other flights. His habit of speaking to himself always seemed to bother those around him, every one talked to themselves he just happened to do it more often than others. He had once heard that talking to yourself was healthy and that it provided self-confidence and reassurance of one’s self, so long as you didn’t reply to yourself then you had a problem.

“Well at least I got here in time to board the plane with no problems.” He again spoke out loud only to be replied by an uncomfortable look from those around him. He ignored it and finished his meal and proceeded to the gate after disposing if he trash. As he arrived at the gate he heard the announcement for boarding his flight.


He quickly boarded and settled into his window seat on the left aisle, he was seated by the center of the plane and could see the wing from where he sat. He looked around at the other passengers on the plane; they were mostly business type people in suits. Alex felt that he was out of place wearing such simple clothing, but the more he looked around he noticed some people wearing similar clothing, he noticed a family come in and sit in front of him. They were the Millers and were heading to the east coast for a family reunion, Mr. and Mrs. Miller along with their son who appeared to be around twelve. Next to Alex sat a man named William Schmitt as he introduced himself and his young wife Stephanie, the spoke to Alex about what they did and where they were going.

“We’re going on vacation for our 5 year anniversary.” Said William as he spoke of how he met his wife.

“William saved me as I was being robbed in the alley behind his office.” Stephanie said remembering the incident, she had been taking a short cut to her part time job as a clerk at a convenience store and was running late and went thru the alley against her better judgment. She was stopped by two thugs brandishing knives demanding all her money or they would hurt her. Luckily Mr. Schmitt had just arrived at his law firm and was opening the blinds when he noticed what was happening. Thinking quickly he grabbed the decorative fake shotgun that was display above his cabinet and bolted to the back door. He pointed the well-made fake at the men threating them and lying saying the police are on their way. Both men fled quickly as they could dropping their knives William approached the young lady and asked if she was ok, she turned to look at the person who saved her and fell in love at first sight. They started dating the following week and got married a year later Stephanie quit her work and began working as the receptionist at his law firm.

“So what do you do for a living?” Asked Mrs. Schmitt

“Oh well I inherited a large sum of money from my grandmother when she passed away and became one of the largest shareholders of a major bank my great great grandparents helped fund and start.” Said the man in the cheap outfit that was flying in economy class. Both Mr. and Mrs. Schmitt who had until this point had been lightly bragging about their life stay were now speechless.

“So where did you say you were going?” they asked meekly.

“Oh, well I decided to go surprise my friend for her birthday I haven’t seen her in almost 10 years and wanted to also congratulate her on her marriage.” He spoke fondly of his friend she had been one of the kindest people he had met during high school. If things had gone differently they might have been together now. The event leading up to his life at that point were difficult his parents died when he was only ten years old in a car accident to pick him up from school, it had been raining and the school had been calling parents to pick up their children. Unfortunately a driver high on several substances had a head on collision whit his parents car killing both instantly, the other drive survived and tried to escape but was caught a few hours later, he was sentenced to life with no chance of parole. Alex was taken to his grandmother whom he knew little about; he had blamed himself for his parent’s death. They had told him to stay home as the forecast had predicted heavy rain that day, but Alex had wanted to go as it was another student birthday that day and his class was having a small party.

He began to close his heart and do as people asked him, during this time he met a girl named Alice Darley and became friend with her they got along great but he always say her as just a friend and assume she thought the same, truthfully she had developed feeling for Alex and was going to confess after their graduation. Sadly this wound not come to pass as two weeks prior to graduation his grandmother fell ill and he decided to stay by her side as her only remaining family member. His grandmother finally passed away a month after the graduation ceremony Alex didn’t attend; she spoke to him her final words.

“I know I have spoken to you much since you came to live under my roof but I have been watching you all this time, you have to understand that there are things in this world out of your control. You should learn to accept these things and deal with them the best ways you know how open your heart Alex the way you’re headed will not guarantee you happiness you need to learn live your life to the fullest with no regrets.”

He took those words to hear and felt the weight of the world slightly ease off his shoulders, as his grandmother left this world, he cried. A few days after the funeral he went back to school to pick up his diploma, he happened to run into Alice there picking up a copy of her transcript and saying her farewells to her former teacher.

“Oh, hey Alex I didn’t see se at the ceremony where you been?”

“My grandma was sick, I was staying with her at the hospital, she passed away recently and the funeral just passed so it been hard lately.”

“Oh that’s so say I’m sorry for bring it up.” She had planned to confess but now she felt it was not the time so she decided in her hear she should wait, or she wanted to anyways.

“So what’s going on with you I’m curious why you’re here today Alice.”

“Oh, well I got accepted to the university of Boston Massachusetts, and I’m heading out there next week.” They talked more after that but this all Alex could recall as he looked out the window.

“I wonder how much she’s changed.” he said to himself both William and Stephanie turned away to mind their own business and fasten their seatbelts as the plane began take off. After a few minute they were up in the air headed to their destination William had fallen asleep and Stephanie was watching something on a tablet. Alex had been looking out the window the whole time anxiously waiting meeting his friend again when he saw something happen. A purple colored light shone in direction of the mountain range, as they came closer he realized it wasn’t the light of the horizon but more of line of off the path the plane was going the event that transpired next were drowned out at first by the noise in is head blazing.


The next by the screams of passengers around him.


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