KnW | Chapter 75 : The Apologizing Maid

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Chapter 75 : The Apologizing Maid


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When Hiiro woke up, it was already slightly past noon When he went to the dining room, he saw Silva preparing lunch with great timing as usual. It seems that Silva knew that Hiiro woke up, and when Hiiro asked, he only responded, as usual, that it was because he is a butler.

It was useless to respond to him, so I let it be. When I was eating in silence, I sighed as I heard the sound of rain-drops splashing around the house

Then, I suddenly remembered. I wonder if Mikazuki is alright.. Mikazuki should be experiencing this weird phenomena for the first time.. It’s bad if she panics and falls to the lake.

Because I used <Two Word Chain>, the word I placed on Mikazuki disappeared, and I can’t pinpoint her location. I think I will go check it out after finishing the meal.

Even though I can vaguely feel the location, I tried to ask Silva where the animal feeding ground is, it seems to be at the back of the mansion. After that, I quickly went out of the mansion and went to search for Mikazuki.

sfx : Zazazazazaza (Rain)

Even though it was raining in the vicinity, it was strange how it didn’t rain here. This is really a different world, logic can’t be used here. While thinking that, I continue to walk.

Just like Silva said, there’s something like a shed behind the mansion. There, I saw something like a chicken with plump wings. Nearby, i saw Mikazuki sitting calmly while with her eyes close.

As for why she seems so relax, it was because there’s a person grooming it.

“Kui !” (Mikazuki)

When Mikazuki realize Hiiro’s presence, Mikazuki called over Hiiro many times as if he is trying to get noticed by him. But, unlike Mikazuki, the other person is wearing a stiff face and looking at him.

That person was the one that he fought last night. (TL Note : Not that kind of “fight”  😀 )

“I-I-I am S-Sorry !” (Shamoe)

That person who’s confused and keep apologizing is no other than this mansion’s maid, Shamoe, who certainly caused some trouble with him last night, Shamoe.

“Kui ?” (Mikazuki)

Mikazuki confused why Shamoe is apologizing to it’s master, and looking at back and forth between each of them.

“E-E-Ehm..” (Shamoe)

Shamoe was panicking and don’t know what to say. Watching such a scene, Hiiro only shrug his shoulder in amazement.

“I won’t just let it slide you know ? Since, I almost died last night.” (Hiiro)

That night, if I didn’t resisted, I would certainly died. Even if I survived, I would recieve a significant injury. I won’t just let it slide like that.

Hearing that, she felt really bad. She’s shaking while holding both hand in front of her chest. She thought that Hiiro might be thinking of revenge.

Of course, Hiiro don’t have such an intention. Even though last night, he drew his katana because of the danger, he didn’t intend to kill people that are not hostile.

“Can you remember?” (Hiiro)

“Y-Y-Yes !” (Shamoe)

“That’s troublesome huh..” (Hiiro)

If she didn’t remember anything, she wouldn’t feel guilty. But, looks like she was conscious during the fight.

Since she can’t do anything but watch, she’s probably suffering since she has a weak heart.

“I-I am truly sorry ! Shamoe have done such unforgivable action !” (Shamoe)

She keeps apologizing over and over.

It’s true that she caused it, but Hiiro can only sympathize with her. Watching a girl apologizing over and over again, made Hiiro feel bad.

“What are you doing with this droolingbird ?” (Hiiro)

“Eh ? A droolingbird ?” (Shamoe)

“Kui Kui Kui Kui Kui !” (Mikazuki)

Mikazuki was licking her master’s face as if she have not seen him for days.

“Eit, I always told you to stop that, didn’t i ?” (Hiiro) (TL Note : Ice cream !)

“Kuiiiiii !” (Mikazuki)

Mikazuki shook it’s head as if refusing.Then, Hiiro said,

“This is why.” (Hiiro)

After forcefully pushing Mikazuki away, he show his face full of droll to Shamoe.

“I-I see…” (Shamoe)

Understanding that, she gave him something like a handkerchief from her pocket to Hiiro. Hiiro obediently took it and wiped his face.

“Then, What were you doing with this guy ?” (Hiiro)

“O-Oh, That’s right, I was brushing it.” (Shamoe)

“Is that so ? Looks like, this guy have given you some trouble.” (Hiiro)

Mikazuki bent it’s neck as if apologizing.

“N-No, it’s nothing ! I can only do this much ! A-And, there was yesterday’s accident. I’m sorry because I wasn’t able to apologize right away !” (Shamoe)

Looks like she intended to apologize last night. But since she can’t find him, she tried to atone it by helping Mikazuki. She tried to apologize indirectly. If she have prepared her heart, of course she would apologize right away, but seeing Hiiro come in suddenly, her head was spinning.

Seeing this girl trembling before him, Hiiro fold his arm and say,

“What are you so afraid of ?” (Hiiro)

“E-Ehm, T-That is..” (Shamoe)

Hiiro don’t care about race differences. That’s why he didn’t know the problem of a half.

“That’s because, half is a detested existence..” (Shamoe)

“Hoh…” (Hiiro)

What she’s saying is, not only in here, a Half is a taboo. That’s why they got despised by all race. (TL Note : I can see a flag in the distance.. Damn you Hiiro ! )  That’s why..

“Unable to use both Magic and <Binding> huh…” (Hiiro)

That’s right, the characteristic of a Half, is that they inherited the physcial characteristic from both race, but they didn’t inherit the unique skill from them. Which is Magic and <Binding> in this case. Since the blood cancel each other, they can’t used.

It’s the same with a cross-breed of <Humas> and <Evila>. Unable to use magic, the halfs are considered as a Taboo and a symbol of disaster.

Of course, cross-breeding is against the law. If the child is found, it will either get banished or eliminated.

Shamoe’s mother  which is an <Evila> was prepared for this when she gave birth to her. Her Father which is a <Gabranth> decided to search for a way to cross the continent and move away from his family. He told his wife and daughter that he will find it and definitely return.

But, when he’s gone, the mother and young Shamoe lived in the shed the the father built. The <Evila> nearby, notice this, and when they found out that Shamoe is a Half, they got banished.

They had nowhere to go and the father still hasn’t returned. Because they have made a promise to wait here, they didn’t want to leave this place.

Even though that the <Evila> disagreed with this, no one touched them. But, sneers and disdain are a everyday thing. No one even bother to look at them and treat them as if it is natural to hate them.


Even though young Shamoe is fine, the mother’s heart is gradually broke. When Shamoe turned to 5 years old, the mother can’t bear it any longer and collapsed. Then, she died silently after…. (TL Note : Ugh….. )

Shamoe is now alone, and don’t know what to do. Seeing that her mother has passed away, the <Evila> nearby use this chance to get rid of her. They burnt down the shed that her father built.

After she had nowhere to return, she didn’t know where to go. She have no choice but to wander the continent, but she can’t use Magic. This continent is not a kind place for a young girl.

She was unable to gather enough food. She don’t know how to find a river to drink from. She was slowly dying. Reaching her limit, when she was about to accept her fate, something is looked down at her.

“That was Ojou-sama.” (Shamoe)

She didn’t wear frightened face anymore, a small gentle smile can be seen.

“That time, she lend her hand to me, and it’s Super Cool !! Ah~ Kya Kya~” (Shamoe) (TL Note : Shit. YURI ALERT !!)

“Hah ?” (Hiiro)

Shamoe had a sparkling eyes and approached Hiiro.

“She said to me who was lying on the ground, “If you want to live, come with me !” , Then… then, she employed me on this mansion !  Ojou-same didn’t even hate halfs ! I’m very grateful to Ojou-same ! ” (Shamoe)

As if she forgot about Hiiro, she didn’t realize she was approaching Hiiro. When she noticed, she quickly fall back and hang her head.

“E-Eh, I-I’m Sorry ! I-I-I have shown such indecent thing ! Argh, Shamoe is such an Idiot ! Idiot ! ” (Shamoe)

While Hiiro is thinking that he has seen scene like this before, Shamoe knocked her head over and over on the animal shed’s wall. Hiiro shrugged.

“Come on, I don’t mind it. So, that’s why you are working here huh ? Aside from that, is it okay to tell me that story ? I’m just a guest you know ?” (Hiiro)

Whether it’s Liliyn or her parents, they should be a precious memory to her. Hiiro doubt Shamoe because she told such a story to a mere traveler. She smiled a little and shook her head.

“I-I heard from Silva that Hiiro is not a person that care about races.” (Shamoe)

(That Hentai-jiji, saying unnecessary thing.) (Hiiro)

Hiiro clench his fist in his heart.

“Th-That’s why, even though it’s an ugly story, I-I wanted you to listen.” (Shamoe)

“Is that so ? If you’re fine with it, then it’s alright. I have no intention to reveal it to anyone anyway. Let me praise you for having a good eye.” (Hiiro) (TL Note : Good eye as in good enough to know Hiiro’s a good guy.)

“Th-Thank you so much !” (Shamoe)

Even though Hiiro was boasting, Shamoe still thanked him.

(Mu, if it’s Ossan, he would have fight back, but somehow she’s too obedient that it’s a bit annoying.) (Hiiro)

Somehow, I miss how Arnold responds..

“Well, whatever, Oh, that’s right, i will call you Dojimeido (Clumsy Maid), hear me Dojimeido ?” (Hiiro)

Shamoe was dumbfounded.

“Dojimeido, of the full-moon night.” (Hiiro)

Hearing that, she sighed.

“Even though you can’t control your own power, don’t attack me next time okay ?” (Hiiro)

“E-Eh ? I-I’m sorry !” (Shamoe)

“You better search for a way to control it. Go ask the red loli. She should know some way since she lived for such a long time.” (Hiiro)

“A-Actually, I already asked and have been practicing it.” (Shamoe)

“It didn’t go well, huh..” (Hiiro)

“Y-Yes..” (Shamoe)

Shamoe dropped her shoulder and glanced at Mikazuki.

“Well, I guess it’s fine as long as you’re trying.” (Hiiro)

“Eh ?” (Shamoe)

“At least, I like people who try their best even if they failed.” (Hiiro)

“Eh ?” (Shamoe)

Hearing Hiiro’s word, Shamoe blushed.

“Fueeeeee !?” (Shamoe) (TL Note : Rishia !!)

Hearing the sudden scream, Hiiro frowned.

“E-Eh, I-It’s just.. W-What do you mean by “Like” ? Fueeeee !” (Shamoe)

Shamoe put both of her hand on her cheeks. Hiiro is confused why she’s so surprised. Hiiro frowned and stare at her.

(Wh-What should i do ~~~~ ??? He-He likes Shamoe ? That means, That means.. !) (Shamoe)

Shamoe’s eyes are rolling and something like a steam is floating from her head while her face is red like a tomato.

(What a weird girl, everyone on this mansion is a weirdo.) (Hiiro) (TL Note : Donkan Protagonists are Donkan.)

Unable to understand Shamoe’s wild delusion, Hiiro looked up at <Forbidden Emperor Cloud> and wondering when the rain will stop.



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