Announcement #1

  • I have decided to keep the chatango feature for now since there’s people in it, though it’s not active as I hope.
  • There’s announcement area on the sidebar. Please ALWAYS refer to it. I will ALWAYS update the update progress and schedule. Thanks !
  • Chapter 77 for KnW is still stuck. We haven’t hear respond from NetBlazer. Patience.
  • As you should have realized, I will update daily (I might sometime cancel an update if i don’t feel like it though). Keep the offerings coming. 🙂


Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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6 Responses to Announcement #1

  1. LeChatNoir says:

    Chapter 77 has been changed from 0% to (Done awaiting edits), so he(she?) is still kicking.


  2. Darkz says:

    I’ll support you


  3. moredrowsy says:

    Love your enthusiasm!


  4. WiFi.o0 says:

    Thank you


  5. richards says:

    i am ur new follower! I will check in every day for updates!


  6. 1707mania says:

    that’s a good idea,
    I always want to at least know the page is alive at least… (when there’s a long break or on hiatus especially). Like what happened to HaruParty (it seems dead for the past month)


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