Announcement #3

  • It turned out that Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru chapter is 2-3 times longer than a normal KnW chapter. Therefore, I won’t be releasing it today. A Chapter would take at least 2-3 days.
  • Furthermore, i receive some hater leecher comments (About TL Note and bit of english) today which make me unmotivated. And, I’m a bit ill right now.
  • I will be devising a schedule. Most likely, Saturday and Sunday is no-update days. But, we’ll see.
  • Is there anyway to ban people ? It’s a bit annoying.
  • Due to request, Added RAW Links to each projects.


Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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34 Responses to Announcement #3

  1. lunagattina says:

    Those idiots can simply f**k off!
    Stupid envying frustrated idiots.
    Take your time and keep stay strong, you are doing a great job here. If you want help to mod the comments I’m ready.

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  2. HuHey says:

    You probably already know this but I still have to say it , there will always be haters and unreasonable dickheads on the internet , hell even people posting f5,f5,f5 , or “WHY NO NEW CHAPTER” and such (me included ) are down right unreasonable considering you guys (translators,editors) are contributing your free time and basically not getting anything from us outside of a “thank you”.

    Ignoring the hate is easier said than done , but on the other side we shouldn’t let random assholes ruin our days, right ?

    And some advice from me , don’t put up a schedule , ever , it would create expectations and whenever you can’t meet them for w/e reason there just be more flame and etc.

    Have fun and thanks for your hard work .


    • Jay says:

      Good point about the schedule. It would indeed set peoples expectations. A progress/status indicator might help though, Like what Netblaze does on his blog. It’ll say things like “John Smith’s Adventure Chapter XX, xxx/xxxx done” or “2 day vacation, don’t bother me”.


  3. omgyourmom says:

    Sorry for the haters. Love your work!


  4. MVPrince says:

    Um.. so is it ok for me to rephrase sentences through comments? If u r bother wid 8 den ill prevent it next tym…


  5. Azneccentric says:

    Well it’s America (I apologize if you’re not from America) where the minority has a voice where the minority in this case will hate for no apparent reason and still leach off the work of others (myself include for the leaching) 😗


  6. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for picking up Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru!


  7. r505_kai says:

    try to follow the Jedi code.

    i/we know i/we are just the fans of this WN even though i cannot do anything other than read.
    and i think you are a Great person that want to share the enjoyment of this WN story to other people.
    so i hope you find your motivation back.

    ps: well i am not sure with my grammar, i hope you understand it

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  8. Jay says:

    I want to crawl through my screen and smack those people. I wonder if I have the time to be a comment mod for you. How many comments do you get on average a day? If it’s only a couple hundred or so, then I might be able to help.


    • ELYSION says:

      Not that much X_x

      A day.. with a release… probably 50-100 i guess ? It’s okay though. I will manage it myself i think.


      • Jay says:

        Well I’m willing if you’re interested. Just let me know. It’s less stressful to filter comments aimed at someone else than it is to do it for comments aimed at yourself.

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  9. Darkz says:

    well, what can i say ?
    those haters are so damn annoying
    so please take your time to translate and editing it , I think ?
    well, I’ll appreciete your work after all
    and thanks for giving announcement so we can be easy to understand what happen~

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  10. within9 says:

    cool bro, all have down days… i shall drink a cappuccino wishing for you to get better 😀

    ps: do the “haters gona hate” dance when u see em haters 😀 works for me

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  11. Just4Fun says:

    Take your time and translate at your own pace. I think most of us will be patient. I’m already grateful that your translating this story, so two or three days won’t be that long. 😀

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  12. TestTheTester says:

    Dang haters, I’m not quite sure what they’re aiming to accomplish….
    Well, I hope you’re get well soon; maybe get some more sleep? Health > translating!

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  13. Chip says:

    I think you can make it so that comments need to be approved and then have someone else check the comments for you so you never have to see the annoying leechers.


  14. flore says:

    there will be always hater leecher that the world unfortunately but dont be unmotivate beacause there is a lot who loove your work and are extremly happy to see a update
    as for yself i’m really glad that you are ghere and brig us joy
    don’t worry be happy

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  15. Delete his comment? About the only way I think~


  16. rei_hunter says:

    Yo, we put lots of TL notes on ours too, but we dont get the hate comments. (Course I do ask the translators to not put oto much…. SLIME!!!!) Google Docs saves your life. Mmhmm.

    So we totally get it. (we still get some hate messages about it… but it doesnt reach the translators unless they were browsing and whatnot.)

    And no you cannot ban people off Blog (reading) but you can ban them off the Blog posting.

    In any case. rei_hunter from re-translations, out.


  17. Starfree says:

    Dang it Leecher. This is why alien don’t visit us! If you don’t like it go away! Don’t make thing hard for us who do like it and appreciete it!

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  18. cater106 says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things, freaking vocal minority


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