Announcement #6

  • No More normal “Update Polls”. Why ? As to respect the donators that have contributed.
  • There will be “Special Update” Polls. These Polls will be private and sent through emails of the donators only. I will wait 1-2 days to close the polls and then, I will reveal the result later. Special Update will be treated as Bonus Update. It won’t interfere with my normal pace (no donation pace)
  • In the near future, When i bought the new domain, The domain will be . It will be ads-free as long as there is donation. And I will implement the private poll plugin there later. In short, much upgrade.
  • Updated the Donation Button. It’s cute right ^_^
  • For future donator, Please add a message containing your email as a reader, and your comment name (not the payment account)
  • In the future, I will take more and more projects.
  • Temporary Schedule will be posted in a few hours.
  • I have created Page for Announcement’s archive files in the Menu
  • Updates will almost daily (with a chance of more than 1 each day). I’m taking this more seriously.
  • My Official Site Email right now would be


Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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8 Responses to Announcement #6

  1. Kizarue says:

    I recommend that you run ads on the new website… Why? Because 1. Readers that can’t donate can “support” you 2. If they don’t want ads, they can just run Adblock 3. Motivate you because translations means ads views –> money xD

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  2. plusikplus says:

    im just a neet living with my parents so i cant donate. but i tell you how great you are for doing this 😀

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    • plusikplus says:

      but i CAN tell you how great you are for doing this 😀 rly hard without a edit option. need to sleep too much reading D:

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    • ELYSION says:

      No worry. I also got donations. It’s a win-win situation. I hope you will try your best to win in life and eventually can donate as well 🙂


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