Announcement #7

  • I have bought domain for 1 year for now.
  • Ads Poll result : 4.36% from 1010 voters rejected ads. The remaining, agree with ads.
  • Conclusion : I will add Ads in the new website later, with the following criteria. No Pop-ups, No Audio, Minimum, I’ll try my best to make it related to this site as much as possible. Thanks for the participation.
  • I haven’t bought the hosting yet. I’m planning to use ramnode. I will probably buy the hosting tomorrow.
  • I won’t be closing this blog anytime soon, even after the new site is up.
  • It will require a bit of time to develop the new site, I will announce later when it’s ready to be used.
  • I will gather all projects and translators and fanfic to the new site. It will become your new database for all your favorites projects. Respective author will be shared profits.
  • In fact, I already have requests about posting their fanfic here instead of royalroad. I also got requests to translate stuff. I’d say it will become big.
  • Each FanFic Author will have their own discussion place.
  • Each Group will have their authority over their own directory
  • Each Project will have their own directory.
  • There will be staff and all. Probably forum too.
  • We’ll touch those Licensed Light Novel as well. We might license it ourselves and try to release it at lower price.
  • As I have said before, If the profit through ads is acceptable, I will hire translator, editors, to bring the best quality and fastest pace of releases. Daily releases is a minimal for me on that site.
  • Donations will still exist. Donators will receive donator tag. And can have private polls, and influence in the site. And many more feature that I’m still planning.
  • I hope we can make it the biggest database for translation (it will reach out outside of Japanese too. We’ll invade China and the world. ). Thanks ! ^_^
  • Got imagination of how is an ideal LN/WN Translation Database is ? Comment Below, Let’s make it happen.

Addition :

  • Android App to download chapter easier, and browse discussion forum faster (NightVintral)
  • And, yeah, I will try to lower my pace. I don’t want to get burned out. Thanks 🙂


Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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  1. “May the Light of Zvezda Shine
    Throughout This World!!”

    “Warera ga Zuvizudā no Hikari o
    Amaneku Sekai ni!!”



  2. XCrossJ says:

    You already know my thoughts, but I’ll just say congrats.
    Hope we can go somewhere with this instead of it being a flop.


  3. Thank you
    Fantastic Blog
    Good luck
    My Blog


  4. littledev says:

    After reading this I can see that you have alot of ideas and alot of hope. As a realist, though, I will express that you should, very strictly, focus on one thing at a time. Make a list with goals/phases and go one at a time. Grabbing for too much too early tends to be the downfall for many community-driven sites.

    As a side note, I would also suggest that you stay far away from licensed material. Why? Because if you are hoping to go big, you are hoping for attention, and attention leads to C&Ds. As of right now (and the foreseeable future) you do not have the funding to compete with the license holders. In fact, your plan of attack will not work (putting it mildly). If you imagine a license as a physical item, you are basically bidding for it via business plan. You pitch yours, potential sale/revenue and compete with the license holders. As of what you put in your post, you plan to outbid other license holders (like yenpress) by basically paying more for it, and then market it here on your site for potentially less? The math doesnt add up (unless you have a rich uncle or the backing of the melomark queen).

    Finally, my biggest suggestion is to go around to all of the other LN site owners. Talk to them. I wouldnt suggest trying to merge with them or anything but clearly these people attempted to do something similar. Find out what hiccups they had, the boundaries they hit and obstacles they passed or failed to pass. I think that these are directly what will lead you to success or failure.

    TL;DR Ideas & hope are one thing, but having a concrete, well-written, battle-tested plan of attack will make all the difference. Good luck!

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