Announcement #8

  • Added Re : Monster on Current Project List. I won’t be translating. Tom will. I only host it here. He will post it here, and I will try to edit.
  • Added FanFic Database. (You can rate the FanFic respective page, bad rating = take down)
  • I have contacted aho-updates. Wait for the response. Don’t complain yet.


Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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17 Responses to Announcement #8

  1. rei_hunter says:

    Which Tom is this? Full name? o-o

    I have this itchy feeling about it….


  2. Vincent says:

    Btw theres an RE: monster wiki that translated up to 200
    only up to 120 is good though


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