Random Message #3

Well, setting the Hypes aside from the grand goal and speech of world conquest.

I’ll make it to be translation group first. After I maintained a good pace, then I can start toward the goal.

After I can hire translator to keep the pace steady, we’ll talk about the next step.

I already got request to put fanfic on my site, and Re:Monster here.

I want your opinions.

I’ll make a poll as usual. (Yes, I’m a poll lover. XD)

  • Update : I’m still asking to the Re:Monster group if he want to advertise it here, or ask me to translate it. Still waiting for reply. I also still waiting for the fanfic author email. I might have to refuse if he want me to translate it.


  • Note : For those who complained that I post a lot other than Updates. I’m not your translation tools. It’s my blog. Stop treating my blog as if your passive source of updates that can’t post anything but updates.
  • For anyone who ask why Isekai Mahou only got 1 chapter for now, It’s because I”M ALONE and it’s fucking long. (2-3 times bigger) . Honestly, If you want it faster, donate please. A Human’s most precious resource is his time.


Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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20 Responses to Random Message #3

  1. kmx72 says:

    Ignore those who complain after all this is your blog so you can do whatever you want with it and I like how you put polls for things like this and announce all, you are doing nothing wrong

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  2. Jay says:

    Idiots complaining about updates. Just use IFTTT with the RSS Feed channel and keyword filter if you only want chapter updates. Works fine for me.

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    • ELYSION says:

      You know your stuff.


      • Jay says:

        Well, I needed some way to keep on top of all the different blogs, so that I can keep on top of all the different LN I’m reading XD

        To be honest, I’m reading so many at the moment that I forget half of them until *ping* IFTTT sends me a notification saying there’s a new chapter 😛

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        • muelproject says:

          can you teach me to add non wordpress address to my reading list in wordpress channel..??


        • Jay says:

          I’m confused at what you’re asking. Do you mean you want to use IFTTT to track a non-wordpress site?

          (Click “Like” to let me know you replied. For some reason WordPress isn’t sending me comment reply emails, but does say when I’m liked)


  3. Kygo says:

    You shouldn’t worry about the people who complain about you posting things other than light novel updates. It would be better for you to just ignore those guys!
    Your random messages and and announcements lets us know how much you care about your followers. Just don’t burn up from trying to do everything at once! Feels a bit like you’re rushing a bunch of stuff when making your new website.

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  4. Darkz says:

    Here is the web for re-monster that just need to edited, I think


  5. asren01 says:

    Were you asked about re:monster by re:translation? Becaus at the moment have they that project only no transliator. But they say clearly that it isn’t on hyatus. Not that you will get truble because of that.
    I would be happy if you put that on the site.


  6. Hajiko says:

    If I remember right isnt re:monster on the re:translation and japtem Site ?


    • David says:

      Exactly. And as far as I remember they have lots of things translated that only need an Editor and/or TLC to be released.


  7. shadyxlr says:

    Don’t know why but I look forward for Thursday to seeing a certain stingray crying :). Think she deserves it for being so cocky.


  8. Zanzellian says:

    shouldnt you be asleep by now? you need your rest young man.


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