Examination Preparation.

Since I have an exam, and have to prepare it for 1 month or so, I would get busier.

I propose making KnW and Nidoume as side projects on that duration, and then, make Isekai as main projects.

1 chapter/week.

5 parts

1 part each day. (so that I can just spend 1-2 hours each day, so that it wont burn me out.)

Also, I need to know if you would wait for the edit version or don’t mind the unedited one during these times.

Poll will be on homepage as usual.


(I will try to add Nidoume, but not the priority. Well, popularity is the cause.)

(KnW has other translator, but I will also try to add some if people want a particular chapter fast.)



Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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21 Responses to Examination Preparation.

  1. XCrossJ says:

    Good luck with your exams.
    If you’re focusing on Isekai, then mind taking it solo for a while? I also got exams soon and 2 sub projects are quite a lot to deal with…
    I’ll pick it up again after I’ve sorted stuff out.


  2. cellsoul says:

    Chou is (apparently) what my last name translated into Japanese is so… I wish you luck on behalf of the name of Choooouuuu(kun). Chou just sounds so good with kun.
    Have fun btw and try not to die.


  3. WindBlade13 says:

    Sounds good. Ty for still releasing while preparing.


  4. PreZ23 says:

    Thanks for keeping it up during your exam too. very much appreciated.
    I am looking forward for your translations.
    Best of luck for your exams.

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  5. aino says:

    hope you’re do well in your exam like how well you do with in this TL…and for TL..just think whats your prefer…hmm sorry if my english not that good..

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  6. Robbini0 says:

    Would you release the entire chapter unedited, then edit it 1 part / day during the week, release one edited part, then the next unedited part, or what other idea did you have in mind?


  7. Sounds great, honestly. You better focus more on your exams over translating, okay? You better keep up with your studies.

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  8. bobertrobert123 says:

    Thanks for the update! But, I’m curious as to what subject has an exam that takes 1 month to prepare for…. (Some type of math course?)


  9. veratheranga says:

    That’s fine. Do what works for you.


  10. kmx72 says:

    Ok , and hope you get a good grade on that exam
    And by making them side project does that mean they would be released later, less often, or what?


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