Isekai Mahou | Chapter 9 : My Duty is…(Part 2) (Chapter End)

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It seems part 1 is about 75% of the chapter. Oh well.

Chapter 10 is supposed to be next week, but I will probably do some tomorrow. It’s 14000-15000 words. It might take 7+ parts.

“Felmenia. I will ask you a question now.” (King)

“But, Your Highness…” (Felmenia)
“Listen, Felmenia. If the answer is “correct”, stay silent. If the answer is “wrong”, shake your head. Understand?” (King)
She could only stay silent…

Then, the king asked her one by one.

“In the last few days, did something happen with Suimei-dono?” (King)
“……” (Felmenia)

Silence… Bullseye. But, it was still within his predictions.

“Was it a conversation?” (King)

This time, Felmenia shook her head.

“Was it using force?” (King)
“…………” (Felmenia)

Right on the mark. If it was using force, the punishment would have been coercion with magic.

Felmenia should have known. But, I might be wrong.

“Did you hurt Suimei-dono?” (King)
But, she shook her head.

“Wait. Did you try to hurt him?” (King)
“……………” (Felmenia)

Felmenia stayed silent. Now this is surprising. According to her, she used force. She must have taunted him, but, even though she’s the country’s best mage, she couldn’t even hurt him. What does that mean…

King decided to ask her again.

“Did you lose?” (King)
“……….” (Felmenia)

There was only silence. It’s certain now. Felmenia faced Suimei alone, and the result was that she was miserably defeated.

“Then, at that time, somehow you had your weakness held by Suimei-dono, and as a result, you can’t speak now?” (King)
“……………” (Felmenia)

Right on the mark… So, she couldn’t speak because of her weakness. Even though the person who held it is not here, she still abided by the contract. But, Felmenia and Suimei are both beings that reside in Magic’s Abyss realm. For me who only has limited knowledge, it’s hard to guess the contract.

“Y-Your Highness. I’m sorry. Not only to break your order, I have shown disloyalty. This Felmenia will accept any kind of punishment.” (Felmenia)
“It’s fine. You already received your punishment from Suimei-dono. I won’t punish you anymore.” (King)
“Y-Your Highness…” (Felmenia)

Regretting her mistakes, Felmenia was extremely discouraged. The fight with Suimei had left a very big impact on her.

If so, she no longer needed to be punished. Being like this, her pride would have vanished already. I have one less thing to worry about. But, I can’t afford to be at ease. In return, I received another thing to worry about.

“Felmenia. I can’t afford to overlook this. I’m thinking of summoning Suimei-dono here.” (King)
“Your Highness, to summon Suimei-dono, what for…” (Felmenia)

Felmenia was extremely embarrassed, the answer was obvious.

“Isn’t it obvious? I will ask things that I can’t hear from you. Whether it’s about the summoning room or your weakness, I can’t overlook this discord.” (King)
“I-It must not be done! You can’t—A-a-Argh!!!” (Felmenia)

Suddenly, she held her chest and started screaming.

“Felmenia!? What happened!? Felmenia!?” (King)
The king stood at the throne watching this unusual event. Not only was her suffering unusual, she writhed on the floor and cried. Thankfully, it didn’t last long, and then she bowed her head again.

“Ah… Ah… I’m sorry… for showing… such disgraceful…” (Felmenia)
“What just happened? Is it illness?” (King)
“No…” (Felmenia)

She denied it. But, it certainly was something. She sweated and curled up in a ball, her face was pale like a dead man’s. Of course, I would have thought that it was an illness. But, I’ve never heard that she had an illness before. I reevaluate the situation. Her chest hurt. It was probably her heart. It was in the middle of conversation. When she objected, and talked about Suimei.

That would mean…

“Can it be, your weakness?” (King)
“………” (Felmenia)
“Magic?” (King)
“………..” (Felmenia)

Felmenia didn’t answer. No, she couldn’t answer because of it. From her distorted face, it could be seen that she was full of regret, condemning her own foolishness.

It seems I can’t ask anymore.

So, I say…

“I understand. Felmenia. Leave everything it to me.” (King)
“Your Highness?” (Felmenia)
“Just like I said before, I will summon Suimei-dono.” (King)
“B-But!” (Felmenia)
“It’s fine. I will take all the blame. You-” (King)

After that, King Almadius dispatched a messenger to the mage who placed the curse.


He will speak with both of them. Fun fun fun. And long long long.



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  1. RuRo-dono says:

    Actually, I am surprised, that the contracts conditions were so bad. I mean, surely, you would expect people, who are unable to speak to play a yes-no game. Instead the contract should have mentioned something like ‘intentional leaking of information, regarding …’. That way when she stays silent or shakes her head, she would have to either react the same to every question, to not leak info or react randomly, seeking disinformation. Since ANY way the information may leak would be not allowed.

    Another nice way to do such a contract is to make the mind of the person, who is restricted by the contract decide, whether the hosts actions are ‘detrimental to master’. Which is even better, since it includes every action, not only info leaking. And it would be quite hard to break it, since you will have to make yourself 100% belive, that what you are doing is good for master.

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    • XCrossJ says:

      Yeah, I believe that what you say has merit. Perhaps the author intentionally made the conditions bad so that the plot can progress and Suimei can have an opportunity to ‘show-off’. Perhaps Suimei intentionally made the conditions bad for some sort of plan (eg. illicit information from the king via the ‘conference’).

      We could keep theorizing all day, however, the fact that the current conditions of the contract seem to be quite loose. Too loose…


      • solrac says:

        if i remember right the contract is a way to avoid killing mages you duel. So i think the contract is made intentionally lose to spread the winner reputation or i am over thinking.


    • WindBlade13 says:

      I think it’s more like he just doesn’t care if the king finds out as long as his friend doesn’t find out.


  2. ShieldFumi says:

    Thanks for this 🙂 and its great that the King here isn’t the same as Trash in TnY . And I know that trash gets a change of heart but that doest change the fact that he is still a trash 😛


  3. Krozam says:

    That king is quite clever… This should be interesting.


  4. MMZX says:

    Thanks for the chapter. I wonder what happens next? Since the king doesn’t seen like a bad guy, I have no clue what will happen lol.


  5. Mark says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Moar!


  6. Ming says:

    Many thanks, I’m very pleasantly surprised that a “high power” character like the king quickly worked things out, hopefully this novel will stray further from the copy-paste template that seems to be the norm for stories having a powerful MC that want to remain hidden.


  7. Santa says:

    This is getting more and more interesting.


  8. Kami-sama says:

    Muahaha….Kami-sama sees you have done well in following out Kami-sama’s suggestion.

    Then to help you, Kami-sama has another suggestion.

    Google Translator Toolkit. – It is free & makes translating easy. Whats more, you can teach it.

    Who said MTL can’t be as good as human TL?


  9. tobajas says:

    Okey I just gotta say that this part did’nt make sense at all. I mean the king directly tells her to do things to answer his question thus she is directly answering his questions about the MC just not by the normal way but it is still a yes or no. Thus she is directly breaking the contract. but she takes no damage on the other hand when she tries to tell him not to talk to MC she takes damage instantly. Which is weird since the contract was that she was’nt allowed to speak about the battle or him being a mage. The first silence/shake of head is her directly telling about the battle and MC being a mage. While telling him not to talk to MC is completly unrelated to the contract seeing as she only said that he could’nt talk to MC. This whole thing for me just had no logic at all. Especially seeing as she broke the contract by letting the king know not only that he can use magic and is a mage and that they did battle and she lost. But yeah I guess the “plot” has to move forward.


    • LN Lover says:

      I think it just mean she can`t say by mouth that why not answering and shaking head is ok, but as soon she want to say something about it it activated.

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    • Fleuret says:

      She didn’t “speak”. That king can be pretty smart apparently. As apparently he saw a bypass in the contract that he doesn’t even know about .

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    • WumboCombo says:

      Remember the contract involving “telling” anyone. She’s not “telling” him anything. This is the thing about magical contracts. You have to account for every possibility, be it indirect or otherwise. Loopholes Loopholes.


    • Liam-san says:

      Not really. She does nothing when correct (doesn’t deny or accept it) and denies when its wrong which also doesn’t say anything. Correct about the second half about the curse but it depends what she was going to say , never find out. What you have to think about is the ingenious’ idea the king suddenly thought up on the spot aha…


    • XCrossJ says:

      Not sure if this is a translation error or not. This is my interpretation.
      I assume that the condition place on Felmenia was that she could not speak to anyone about the contents of what took place on that night, nor could she tell anyone about Suimei’s true identity.
      The King used the ‘silence is golden’ approached and began to ask her questions. Thus, she did not speak, nor did she tell. She may have indicated but that was not a restriction placed on her.
      When Felmenia was about to talk, the contract deemed it to be a violation, thus, the pain in her chest.
      This theory is making a lot of assumptions, the main one being that those were actually the conditions of the contract. For all we know, Suimei could have just planted a bug on her and stopped her before she spoke too much.
      I dunno. Just my thoughts…take it or leave it.

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    • "Real Raph Returns says:

      you also have to consider the king already knows he is a mage from a previous conversation, plus suimei said that small level of info leak was fine


  10. lordmew says:

    I actually can’t wait so I DLed the raw and I’m going to start reading it in a few hours once I’m free from class, if I feel up to it I might translate it and send it you to give you a boost, only if you want, I used to translate manga for N-u-l-l a long time ago but this thing called Real Life started to get in the way,
    again if I make a translation I will send it to you

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  11. naruto123432 says:

    have fun with the next chapter and great spoiler lol, good work as always.


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    damn.. a cliffhanger
    thanks for the chapter 😀


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