Isekai Mahou | Chapter 10 : Then, as a mage… (Part 1) (Chapter Start ! )

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“Let me introduce you to my friend, Cliff, Cliff Hanger.”

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After the conversation with Felmenia, it was already late. In the audience chamber, the king heard the sound of the door opening.

The one who entered was Suimei Yakagi, Hero Reiji’s friend and the mage from the other world that Felmenia spoke about.

The boy looked normal at first sight. He saluted in front of the door. Then, he headed in my direction.

There was nothing different from his first visit here, but now he was wearing different clothes. The clothing was black, but it felt like it had been refined and looked like an artifact. That was what the king felt.

It might have been because he was unfamiliar with it, but for some reason he kneeled awkwardly.

“Just like the messenger asked, I came.” (Suimei)

“It’s late at night, because this was not planned. Before I thank you for coming here, I inform you that today, it is only the two of us. I want you to be at ease. ” (King)

“……………” (Suimei)

“Is that okay?” (King)

“Yes…” (Suimei)

When asked, after a little while, Suimei showed his consent and lifted his face.

Though, his expression was still the same.

Observing him, the king didn’t get to the point right away, rather, he asked about Suimei’s appearance.

“Suimei-dono, do you like that clothing? I’ve never seen it before though…” (King)

“Yes. This is clothing I brought from the other world. I kept it in my bag until recently. I only brought a few things here with me.” (Suimei)

“Different from the Hero’s clothing, it’s got a different vibe.” (King)

“This is a type of clothing treated as a uniform back there. It was considered to be the ideal shape there.” (Suimei)

Hearing Suimei-dono’s words, he took another glance at his clothing. There was not even a wrinkle on the black clothing. It hung from his neck. He wore a white shirt on the inside. The combination projected an indescribable aura.

“Fumu, it matches you really well.” (King)

“Thank you very much.” (Suimei)

When Suimei said that, while still kneeling, for some reason he corrected his collar and fixed his sleeves and posture. Upon seeing his actions, the king felt the previous awkwardness disappear momentarily. Suddenly, Suimei lowered his head.

“While it is late, I’m sorry for showing such an ugly display back then.” (Suimei)

That’s right; it’s an apology for the day of the summoning. Back then, Suimei said lots of things. Of course, that was a natural reaction.

When he heard about the situation he immediately stood up and said, “Don’t fuck with me, impossible? If you can’t return us, don’t call us!” It was painful to hear those words.

And even though the crowd was enraged by his insolent behavior, the situation was just as he described. Even though I defused the situation back then, I never thought that I would receive an apology from him.

“Ah, it’s fine. I understand your feelings. We summoned you without your consent, and we cannot return you. There’s no need to apologize. Please raise your head.” (King)

“Then…” (Suimei)

When the king stated that he was not at fault, Suimei raised his head again. From his expression, he was probably wondering who was at fault back then. He looked a bit embarrassed.

After that, Suimei shifted the conversation.

“About that private conversation……” (Suimei)

“Fumu, There’s something I have to hear no matter what from Suimei-dono.” (King)

“Yes…” (Suimei)

A troubled voice could be heard. He wore a troubled expression. As expected, this was the real thing.

“I have something to ask about Felmenia from Suimei-dono.” (King)

“Felmenia… Huh… I think she’s the one that teaches magic to Reiji and Mizuki, did something happen?” (Suimei)

“Nope. A while ago, she said that she saw you leave your room and take a stroll in the castle.” (King)

When he heard that, he could only put forth a bitter smile.

“Ah, ha… ha… ha…… Since I’m free to look around the castle, I took some time for recreation. Is there anything wrong?” (Suimei)

“Fumu, there’s no problem about that. It was my order. Of course I won’t punish you or anything.” (King)

“Then…What?” (Suimei)

“Hmm, let’s see…” (King)

“…?” (Suimei)

On Suimei’s face, confusion could be seen. That confusion is not his real reaction. I brought up Felmenia’s name. Even so, he didn’t tell me anything. When he realized the meaning of the question, he pretended to be innocent.

Now that I think about it, it was the same when he got summoned. When summoned, he should have at least been worried. If I were Suimei, I would probably have at least prepared that much. To be specific, threatening others with power. There’s no mage that can defeat Felmenia here. Easy, right?

But, he probably wouldn’t go that far, he’s implying that it can be settled peacefully.

I know the dangers. But even so, I have to do this.

“You. What did you do to Felmenia?” (King)

“What did I…? I’m not sure I understand.” (Suimei)

“Suimei-dono, there’s no way you don’t know, right? After all…” (King)

“While I’m being impolite, are you sure it’s okay to continue?” (Suimei)

When I started talking, Suimei, as if blocking out my words, used a sharp tone that was completely different from before, overflowing with admonition.

At his warning, the king gulped. But…



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