Isekai Mahou | Chapter 10 : Then, as a mage… (Part 2)


魔法使い – Magician
魔術士 – Mage
魔道士 – Sorcerer

Will try to make it as such for distinction.

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“Suimei-dono, I want to ask you..” (King)

After the warning, Suimei stopped kneeling, he slowly stands up.
Then, he put his hands on his back, and waving. A coat came up out of nowhere.
Though the King doesn’t know what he did, when he thinks about it, it’s probably Suimei’s magic. It’s probably a magic that our magician here know nothing of.

Then, there’s nothing left of his previous expression.The gentle expression has changed completely to a sharp gaze. There’s no trace of the pride of a magician that he often see.

If this is the normal situation, people would see it as disrespect behavior. But now, there’s not a single person who can voice that.

It’s the first time he saw such magician. Then, Suimei said while controlling his breath.

“Geez, even though there’s no trace of me kicking her butt, you know that much.” (Suimei)

“As expected, it’s true.” (King)

“Yeah. it is true. When I got summoned here,I thought that woman would noticed. That’s why I look for the chance to silence her. But, That woman can’t speak of it now, How did Your Highness knows ?” (Suimei)

“I asked her, if she can’t speak, silence is enough.” (King)

It was simple. Suimei let out a small voice as if understanding it, then say.

“I see. I never thought of that. Certainly, according to the contract, it’s fine as long as she didn’t speak.” (Suimei)

He speaks as if remembering something, then he gives a sharp glance again.

“But, why did you summoned me here ? I’m the one who hold her life. If you understand that, You should have known that it’s dangerous to call me here when you can’t even call a guard.” (Suimei)

That’s right, I understand. The danger of this summoning.Though I know it’s dangers, I called him without any counter-measure. His question is an obvious one. But, I have a reason too.

“Certainly, it’s dangerous. But, Suimei-dono is the same as the Hero, someone whom I summoned to this land. That fact won’t change, the fault lies in me. Please don’t say that the world force this upon you.” (King)

That’s right. That’s why he can’t show hostility. Because he’s like a beast that put kindness as a skin.That’s just too selfish.

“…………” (Suimei)

“Suimei-dono, I summoned you, to a place like this. I overlooked my subordinates mistakes. Furthermore, I asked an unreasonable request. ” (King)

“Why ? Why do you want to hear it that much ? If you don’t hear it, Your Highness won’t have to be like this.” (Suimei)

“That might be so, But, I pretended her mistakes didn’t exist, if she somehow killed you, I won’t be able to apologize.” (King)

“Even if it’s for that self-conceited woman ?” (Suimei)

“That’s right. She’s still my retainer. That’s why i have to.” (King)

Hearing that, Suimei collects his breath once again, then answer.

“If she stayed silent, it wouldn’t be a problem. That’s absolute. Then, this conversation is over right.”(Suimei)

“No. There’s still more.” (King)
“Though, I think there’s nothing more to talk about ?” (Suimei)

He put a dubious face. But, that was not the case. Even if it’s over, there’s still something that he should ask.

“Suimei-dono, I know nothing about that. As the person who I summoned, I have to asked you about it. What are you ? What will you do from now on ? Frankly, I want to talk about that. If it’s possible, don’t be reserved.” (King)

That’s right. That was my true feeling.
Certainly, this conversation too, would be over if me or Felmenia stayed silent. The only one who knows about Suimei is only me and her. Then, it would turn back to normal like nothing happened. I called the Hero from another world, and tasked him to defeat the Demon Lord.
But, if so, it would be unresponsible. There has been inconvenience because of it, If I leave it just like that, even if the person himself has the power to reject it, isn’t it too selfish ? I had to know what he wants to do from now on, now that lots of thing has happened.


“Of course, I won’t ask the impossible. This is another selfish request of mine.If you’re alright with it. That’s it. Please, somehow..” (King)
The King bowed his head while sitting in the throne. Though, it’s not something a King should do, in order not to lose his pride, He did it.
After he raised his head again after a while, Suimei had a surprised look. Why did he do that ? He’s surprised why he’s going that far.

Then, Suimei sighed as if giving up.

“No. I want to apologize for my insolent behavior before.Please, the thing Your Highness wants to hear about, let me answer it to the extent of it can be publicized.” (Suimei)

Not kneeling, surely everyone will say that it’s impolite. But, even so, the prideful atmosphere from before, has disappeared since a while ago. His tone also changed. This is probably his true self. Not the usual him when with Hero Reiji, Not the pride of facing an enemy he has a while ago, as a magician, Suimei Yakagi.

And that, is the biggest gift he can offer.

The King asked him.

“What are you ?” (King)

“I’m called as a mage in the previous world, a scholar that propose to pursue mystery. In short, I’m what you called Magician here.” (Suimei)

“A Mage..”

When he heard that, the King involuntarily muttered that. That’s something he heard for the first time. It really sounds new. If what he’s saying is true, it’s something like an origin. A being different from a magician…., I certainly heard about it just now.

Then, he asked…



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