I Quit !

Just Kidding.

Here’s the result, I think this show enough.

Thanks. *sob sob*

Oh well, as you have heard (I heard from someone again, my ninja reported), that someone(most likely group, you know, I got a fanbase there.) is re-doing chapter 10.

Hmm, I take it they want to lighten my work ? Ah, as expected from my fans (in denial). This way I can just do KnW / Nidoume , and just read the RAW of Isekai. Since, that’s way faster than waiting for them. I hope they don’t stop in the middle of it. Show me some balls. (You can just blame the visible hater, that lolicon dude.)

And so, another poll. Fear not, if they’re incompetent, I would continue it. (depends on the result, we’ll see.)

Oh, of course donation still exist. Why not ? They are called donation for a reason.

*still don’t get it why those who doesn’t donate complaint*

And, I still accept translation request as always (with payment). (like the JSDF)

To haters commenter, sorry to disappoint you but your emails and IP are marked as spam on this site, so I can’t even see it. Shame. You can continue to comment though.

*yawn* Let the dice roll~

Oh ! Today marked my 3rd week from 11th April !

1 Million page views reached !


Yeah ! 



Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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50 Responses to I Quit !

  1. KiraKiller says:

    Uuuh my heart skipped a beat… Ah, my poor heart !!


  2. sileaf says:

    I actually prefer your translation conpared to the other
    There’s difference take and choice of words as I noticed and there’s no telling if the other translator will stop after annoying you.


  3. rin says:

    Continue Isekai please! Unless you really don’t want to. Is it okay to appreciate your translations and worship sheeprabbit-sama at the same time?


  4. LoliConner says:

    Wait… NO!? Don’t hate me! I haven’t done anything. T-T


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