Main Project.

Here’s the latest result. From 957 voters.

Ah, I guess they are slow and would most likely to drop it when I stopped myself. True enough.

Well, I got benefit myself from them being my monkeys, so I’m happy myself if they work themselves to death for me. Since, if not, I will get donations they hate so much >.> , no ?

Well, jokes aside, I’m wondering what should I do as main project. I prefer KnW/Nidoume or mix between them for now actually. Since, I’m a bit unwilling doing double-work since the brats are doing it.

Ah, remember that I’m still on my exam preparation, so don’t expect too much.
I will also try to find helper so that I can maintain daily update. I can’t be doing it all on my own alone right ?

So, as usual, I put poll here and in main page.

Poll Result by no means define my course of action. But, It will give me an idea of what people wants. Majority that is.

*side note* I think I’m developing sadistic nature ?





Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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  1. cellsoul says:

    Lol nice, I’m sadistic too. It developed over the course of a year…

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    • I'm Da Bomb says:

      If I was so sadistic as when I’m at a party and my dad comes to pick me up, they just say to the chaperone of the party, “Where is the sadistic kid, he is my son,” Then the chaperone immediately knows he is talking about me…would you believe me?
      Well, this did happen for real! Point is that I’m probably way to sadistic….


  2. IAmLooKING says:

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    More CD plzzz


  3. Hiyono says:

    You constantly insinuate that I lack the persistence to continue to work on the series, and yet despite the fact that your readers clearly want Isekai, you have already started hedging by saying that their votes won’t necessarily guarantee your course of action. You can’t do both: listen to your readers and continue the series, thus putting your money where your mouth is when it comes to doubting me. You have a lot of fans here who clearly prefer your work to mine – do it for them.

    Oh, and just for the record, I’m just one person, so technically it’s “brat” singular, and not “brats” plural.


    • ELYSION says:

      Hi there.

      I see you didn’t deny the “brat” part then ? (Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention to harass people.)

      Jokes aside, Sure, I know my readers want it that much. So much that it broke my poll.
      I can’t do both; listening to readers and doing my stuff, at the same time, to certain extent. That is correct.
      The best I can do is the latest pace. (parts) , RL is calling.

      Yes, I have no obligation, still, I’m happy myself if we’re happy together. But, I don’t to get over-worked over nothing. So, I’m gonna do it on-my-whim.

      My “doubt” actually are provocation so that you really continue it. I’m motivating you. And so, lowered my work.

      Look here dude. I am by no means having fun clashing with you. But, you did start it by “stealing” chapter and, I take it that you’re doing chapter 10 again right ?

      What will you do about it ?

      You realize that I’m being bad-mouthed there so much right ? (I didn’t read anything ofc nor care)
      What will you do ? Basically, you started this. (Don’t say that I started this because of donation. Donation are called “donation” for a reason)

      If you’re still doing chapter 10, I see no reason for me doing it ?

      We can either cooperate (I don’t mind, but do something about my fan-base there), or you can do your best to satisfy the readers alone (I do stuff for fun, spare time, and money. Not gonna do it for nothing.).

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  4. nicholaevich says:

    Yep, you are an S.

    Viva Canadia
    Viva la Queen
    mort avec América


  5. kmx72 says:

    Also when did you change your “random image ” as you said to one of Ixaya ? I m asking because I was asleep ( time difference)


  6. kmx72 says:

    If something it will be a sadistic and manipulative nature xD


  7. Can you tell me where the last picture came from?And sadistic natures are quite common,don’t mind!>_<


  8. ShieldFumi says:

    No matter how many polls you create about what will be your main project. I’m pretty sure that its always Isekai’s win. well I’m fine as long as you don’t forget Nidoume 🙂


  9. sry to add another rambling, but i see few poll bout what project u want to focus and i saw 3 poll for Isekai won by big margin


  10. Josh says:

    I like Isekai, also if you ever need proof reading and editing I would be up for helping out aside from just leeching.

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  11. Dord-san says:

    Can we have a Isekai and KnW option? LOL

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  12. rin says:

    I approve of your gradual transformation into Izaya.

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  13. Varler says:

    I’m good reading anything. haha.
    Also, I’m writing a web novel at . Just released the 3rd chapter today, doing a chapter every couple of days. 🙂
    It’s a mix of Chinese wuxia and Western fantasy.

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  14. NzaN says:

    I just found isekai yesterday, and i hooked at it already. ❤


  15. Yugure says:

    I will just sit back and watch. I hope you two on fire. More chapters for me to read :p After all, we choose to speak and do what we think is right. And every person are unique. So neither right nor wrong.


    • junior says:

      I agree with the every persons unique part, but nobody should think they’re right, opinions are nothing more than opinions, everyone’s entitled to one but they are not some ideal you should force onto others. And you should let “them” continue with isekai and just do the mix which would be more “resourceful”.


  16. M.A.D says:

    Hmm… I’m actually not a fan of Nidoume. If there were an option for Isekai/KnW mix as main projects I would have voted for it.

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  17. ressa64 says:

    Isekai, because it’s good and also, there are already so many KnW translators, and I would love it if you continued translating Isekai.


  18. Chade Everdark says:

    A Isekai/Nidoume mix would be nice lol KnW has how many people working on it now? … Its got a pretty good pace even if it slowed down a little :/ copying TnYs TL speed seems like a great way to burn out :p

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    • ELYSION says:

      I think KnW has 5-6 people.


    • I also think an Isekai/Nidoume mix would be nice. You can decide how much of each you’d do a week, because I know one of the issues with Isekai is its density. KnW we can still get from others, but you’re the only guy doing Nidoume, and who knows what pace those other guys would be going at with Isekai.


  19. SigFig says:

    Isekai is simply too good…

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