Discarding Isekai Mahou from Main Project for now.

I have just received the report that chapter 10 is done somewhere.

So, I will stop Isekai Mahou from Main Project for now. Don’t blame me. I’m not here to compete. Waste of my time.

Don’t want to make the same stuff as it’s pointless, I’ll just let him do the work instead.

(Until a cooperation is made, or not.)

I guess KnW/Nidoume Mix now ? Hmm.

(If he somehow stopped (or chose to cooperate?), I guess I would continue it again.)

*side info : I will never go to his site, so don’t expect me know what’s going on there. You can tell me here instead by commenting or email instead. I won’t be reading his work too. I’ll be off reading the raw when I got the time.*



Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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66 Responses to Discarding Isekai Mahou from Main Project for now.

  1. malvazar says:

    I can understand why you want to avoid unnecessary conflict. Don’t know why the other translator seems to have a grudge against you. They basically seemed to have tried to bully you off doing translations on isekai for everyone just because they noticed that the LN is popular and they want to get a monopoly on that (Or they’re just attention seeking and want all the attention to themselves idk). The donations were entirely optional and almost all translators have some kind of optional donation system. I think the guarantee that your donations will be used in our interest is good (btw yes I have donated and am in no way disappointed) . You gave free releases at least weekly, Which is better than most. Honestly why are some humans so overly aggressive, I mean surely it would of benefited him and everyone else more if he just offered to work with you. Even if they benefit from this somehow the benefit he could’ve gained from an alliance would of way outstripped this, also would of been way less work and effort. Not all humans are logical *sigh*.

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    • C. says:

      Most of the world runs on opinions, and opinionated things seems to make then news more often than logical things do.


  2. C. says:

    The best part about this is watching the comments bashing both translators. I’m going to be the guy, or at least one of them, to say both are wrong. Ely because the price for th donation is just a bit high, and Myu because it was kind of dickish to just start translating the series without asking in advance.


    • malvazar says:

      ELy’s donations are optional,they were for extra chapters he still did one on a weekly bases for free which is quite a bit considering how hard it is to translate them. He just gave people the option to buy the extra translation early. I can’t see anything wrong with that really.


  3. meecahi says:

    Does anyone know who’s doing it instead?


  4. WumboCombo says:

    So the money ($200-ish) that was donated will that go towards the other projects or will it go up in smoke?


  5. myuuken says:

    Hey, I’m myuuken, the guy who translates netoge (and currently on a temporary hiatus). I want to say this as nothing personal, but going back to the source material, the other blog who should not be named is indeed more faithful to the original. Anyone who claims otherwise is clearly deluding themselves. This could basically be attributed to the fact that the other translator is a native speaker, I don’t really know.

    That aside, I see no problem with taking donations for your work(not something I’d ever do) since translating is draining and hard work. Feel free to continue whatever you want to translate. I can see the reasoning behind dropping the title and avoiding unnecessary drama.

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  6. madaonexus says:

    Lulz much drama these days DaT patched their exe now takes 1 gb ram from 700 mb :/


  7. oyskipoisky says:

    Man, I donßt like that other guy, and his translation. I read many comments about ” oh so high quality”, but man, his translations are just like him: pretentious
    Itßs like he has an english vocabulary book beside him and is just trying to use the most round about way to formulate something, while partwise ignoring grammar in a whole…

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    • ELYSION says:

      Well, it’s a fanbase of my haters there. Obviously the haters would try to up his work and down my work.


    • WumboCombo says:

      A fantasy novel should be like that though. It’s not pretentious , it’s merely fitting for the era they’ve been teleported too… A king should not speak like he is verbally challanged:

      Or so I feel


    • Kosaki says:

      Its not pretentious at all after all you’re reading everything in Suimei’s point of view and his character is not as humble as you would think


  8. phill257 says:

    well i’m truly saddened to hear that you are stopping this series, just because some other translator thought he was the better and was supposedly freeing everyone from the pressure of donating for faster releases if not bought releases. i thought the pay system was justified for those who didn’t like to wait, plus in the end most of the donators were fine with you doing what you did and didn’t really want a donator early chapter which i thought was nice of them too. so in the end i just wana say thanks for what you’ve done so far i enjoyed it.

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