Isekai Mahou | Chapter 10 : Then, as a mage… (Part 3)


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“You, Why are you hiding it ? Aside from us, even to the Hero-dono and Mizuki-dono ?” (King)

“The other world has developed something called Science, you might have heard it from Reiji, but, on that world, Magic is driven away instead. Mages has been targeted ever since. That’s why, we didn’t exist on the surface.If we were to came out to the surface,we will get destroyed because we didn’t abide by the world’s rule.That’s the reason we didn’t name ourselves mages in the open.” (Suimei)
Said Suimei,also,
“That’s also the reason I was concealing it earlier too, I was being cautious.”
added Suimei.

“Then, Hero-dono and Mizuki-dono didn’t know. When Felmenia noticed it too ?” (King)

“Yes.That time, I didn’t have the belief that she didn’t noticed it clearly. Did she knew ? If she knew, what should I do to silence her ? It turned out to be such situation. Then, I took measure to spread the bait. It turned out that she put an dangerous automaton there. Well, I was thinking whether it could respond.” (Suimei)

At that line, there’s something interesting.

“Automaton ?” (King)

“Yes. With a shape of heavy cavalry, it was a fine product. Because I was attacked, I destroyed it’s magic circle.” (Suimei)

“Mage Sulamas’s Golem, huh..” (King)

I remembered something about the golem Suimei attacked. In the castle, there’s nothing but the Golem Sulamas created. Of course, the rumor that it can move was only something written on his book.
Sulamas’s golem is exceptionally strong. To bring that in order to stop Suimei, I can feel Felmenia’s stubborness.


“But, even though I heard that from Felmenia before, ain’t it too hasty to use force ?” (King)

As expected, I think it wasn’t a rational choice for the fight it. There should be room for other options.
Though it was because of Felmenia’s order, I can’t say it.

Then, Suimei wore a very serious face.

“I won’t deny that I’m somewhat just go along with the mood. But, I am also pursue the path of Magic. Mage has it’s own way of doing things, simply–no, it’s to destroy those who think too highly of themselves. I also don’t want to commit murder for revenge. Well, it’s probably me venting my anger because I got forcibily summoned here.” (Suimei)

Lastly, seeing Suimei’s smile, the King can only sigh.

“Evil brat huh..” (King)

“It often happen in the midst of mage’s life right ? I’m just a selfish being that only interested on what I aim. I don’t think of the circumstances. Also, I don’t think Your Highness which have overlooked things before, has any right to complain though ?” (Suimei)

“It’s certainly so…” (King)

That’s right. I was too soft and overlooked Felmenia. I don’t have a strong position to say that to Suimei-dono. Looking at the result, his action can be called rational. Using it without control can also be called a bad thing. I would be free if I can accept that it’s my greed. Even so, I only stayed in my room as to not trouble anyone. I have examined it too, Repository, Office, Treasury, there’s no meaningful change there. (調べさせた時も、宝物殿、執務室、金庫などに保管された重大な物には一切変動がなかった。)

Also, in regard of Felmenia’s crime, I can pity him for that. I don’t know how it was on the other world, but, the one who instigated that type of golem here, is someone we can’t complaint to even if we’re killed. (あのタイプのゴーレムをけしかけたのはこちらでは殺されても文句は言えない手の出し方だ。)

Then, Suimei slowly face the side pillar. Don’t tell me…


“That’s the reason, it was just my venting, you should relax a bit too. I have no intention to order you anymore than this.” (Suimei)

He’s not saying that to me, no, no need to wonder.The one suimei talked to is Felmenia. She certainly is in the pillar’s shadow.

“……….” (Felmenia)

Felmenia is shocked and slowly come out from the pillar’s shadow.
But, Suimei looked as it’s not even funny, after looked at her once, he turned back again.

The King asked Suimei.

“When did you notice it ?” (King)

“I want to ask first, why do you think I won’t notice it ?” (Suimei)

“…………..” (King)

That is certainly so, Suimei is a magician. Rather than the premise that he won’t notice, I should have expected that he will noticed it.




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