Isekai Mahou series is abandoned by author ?

Just got a comment saying so, and after checking the raw. the WN is not updated for almost a month. While it has been always 3-4 day/chapter update.

I can’t find any news about this.

Know anything ?




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26 Responses to Isekai Mahou series is abandoned by author ?

  1. DiabolicalGenius says:

    If you look back you’ll see he already took a break for over 3 months after the chapter release 25/11/2014 starting up again 1/3/2015, going regurlary from there till 8/4/2015.
    Since he’s already taken 3 months off and it’s been a month so far, then maybe he’ll start updating again in July for another month?


  2. alidan says:

    here is the better question
    if he they did drop the project, how much are you going to translate? the only examples i can think of are from manga where quite a few dropped mid cliffhanger, and a few translated just the good parts and no one ever touched it since (chocolate melocolly).

    if it did end, are you able to look forward and find a chapter where how it ends isn’t demanding you know what happens in the next chapter? its hard to explain in a way that makes sense… think of it like if the translation for Word Master ended right on chapter 115 instead of stopping on a chapter like 54.

    i hope this makes sense.


  3. prototypejuan says:

    at least is he is not taking 4 years like the manga high school of the dead


  4. nicholaevich says:

    Prob not, those authors actually have a real life,

    probably some bull like family issues, lost his/her job, or got arrested for possession of illegal hentai


  5. VocaloidListnr says:

    What LaChatNoir said looks to be true. It would appear that the author is developing both a LN version and a WEB version, this is causing a delay in the release of chapters. The author is also assisting in the production of a drama CD which may be another cause of delay. There should be more chapters coming soon.

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    • Colin says:

      I thought that might be the case. I’ve seen web novels become light novels like Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari and I imagine that it would take some effort to make their web novels into light novels. They would have to rewrite them so that the novel would fit


  6. proger says:

    Is there any way to contact author?


  7. Sanngrior says:

    guess we will know if it’s really dropped or not after another month. depending on its length there isn’t a chance of it being completed already?


  8. Krozam says:

    It’s a little early to draw that kind of conclusions. As rei hunter says, the release schedule has always been somewhat irregular, with a month or longer breaks here and there.


  9. WumboCombo says:

    It’s most likely a break. You know how it is, writing such and such chapters everyday. It could also be illness (let’s hope not)


  10. DarknessWolf says:

    Still other Series here so no worry about it I guess.
    If it true then put it in Teaser or Drop then (just hope it still update then).
    Continous translate Nidoume and KnW! 🙂

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  11. WindBlade13 says:


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  12. Varler says:

    That would be sad if it is the case. 😦


  13. willtellr says:

    It’s true, there are some big breaks in the dates. And even if it’s abandoned, it’s still awesome and fun and worth translating to the end. Though from what I understand you’ve already dropped it, since someone else decided to TL it. Or am I somehow mistaken?


  14. DMR says:

    Sometimes, it isn’t unusual for authors to even take a year break… course, maybe this got accepted as a LN so he stopped too….

    hopefully, it’s just a little break.


    • Light says:

      Oh god, your comment reminded me of Berserk. Probs the best manga I’ve read but updates can be like one every few months during one of the authors release sprees. Bad times like recently result in over a year between releases. That last long break sucked because it was like two years, albeit bearable since the news that the author(and artist since apparently he does the amazing artwork himself) was trying to recover from something involving his hand.


  15. lygarx says:

    maybe a 3 month break. it happens

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  16. LeChatNoir says:

    As far as I can tell he has shifted his priority away from the WN to LN:

    LN 1 and 2 seem to be close to the WN, 3 seems a little different and 4 alot different, I think…
    I don’t know what chapters of the WN go to the LN.

    If he/she? continues their current pace LN 5 should be in 81 days(+/- 9 days)

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  17. rei_hunter says:

    He’s probably taking an unannounced break. Its only 1 month. (I mean if you look at his release dates, there’s a few times where he released on 8/1 then 9/2, then 10/1….)


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