I don’t know whether i should continue again after a year.

Have been depressing.

A part of me want to continue due to people personally emailing me.

Another part of me despise some of the community making me tired of it.


*note : I never read any LN again after i quit.


Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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  1. Corum says:

    *Pat on the back from France


  2. What the, you’re still alive?!


  3. I personally think you should do whatever you want, but as a reader and lover of the stuff you make I would ask you do whatever makes you happy and do that however you want, but if you someday look back at this and don’t hate it please continue the translations at your speed. I’ve waited years for a bad update and loved it and didn’t get angry, I will understand anything you choose to do but I do hope you come back buddy. Anyway you be you, bye ^-^.


  4. jralvarez1 says:

    Hmm… tbh, I don’t think we’re worth it. If you wanna be patient with us, your “readers”, then it’s better to save yourself the trouble. I’m glad that you are back. Even if it’s only for a short while. 😀


  5. Kuma Otou says:

    Definitely find the flame inside first


  6. exqalph03 says:

    Hmmm… Better stop now than later if you’re really feeling bad emotions/feelings about it as it will kinda ruin the memories/experience in it.Better leave/stop early than regret more later T_T.

    Anyway, don’t do it if you don’t even enjoy doing it as it will just be a painful experience T_T.

    Good Luck! ^^


  7. Varler says:

    Whatever you decide to do, do it for yourself. Don’t do it because you’re feeling pressured to do it. And try not to end up with any harsh feelings. It’s not worth it.
    Best of luck!

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  8. GonZ555 says:

    Welcome back~


  9. aberdeus says:

    well looks like your project are being done still


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