3.Chapter 1

“Wake Up! Come on son, wake up!” shouted Genoresh. This was my dad and he was waking me up. My name is Zoren Kutven. I am 12 and ever since the day my parents went to a fortuneteller and he forsaw that their child would become a great person, my parents got me into a great school. We weren’t rich or anything, but my parents tried to get the best they could for me.

They actually say I am a prodigy because I skipped 4 grades in that school. Today was the day I would leave my parents to become an apprentice to a wizard named Kaderam. I didn’t know his last name Wizards only make up about 0.008% of the population in Kazor. There are about a million people in Kazor. Kaderam was even a 6th level wizard. This all started when my parents went to another fortuneteller. The fortuneteller said that their son would become an amazing wizard. As you can see they went to fortunetellers a lot. My father really believed in magic. He wanted to become a magic user himself, but became a farmer instead. My father was really happy when he heard I would become a wizard and my parents went to find a master to teach me right away.


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