3.Chapter 2

So as you can see my life would probably become a lot more interesting.   I’d probably be apprenticed to the wizard for quite a few years. Starting at age 12 is actually quite late.  Most people started at around age 8 or even younger, but I didn’t really care.  I would try hard to do my best and learn magic as well as I could.  It would be sad to leave my parents, though. I’d be able to visit them every few years though.


I got up out of bed and swallowed my father outside to the large bucket filled with hot water my father prepared for me to bathe with.  He gave me a bar of soap and told me to wash up.  He wanted me to look clean for my first meeting with the wizard.  After I finished cleaning my body and mouth, I dried myself with a towel and then went inside to eat the breakfast my parents prepared. After breakfast, we readied or supplies and 2 horses and set out for Nilfor, a large town located a bit away from one of the main cities in the country called Altinor. It was a day’s journey and they would rest at an inn tonight and arrive in Nilfor late tomorrow night.


Wizards were actual treated like low class nobility and some even higher. There was even a king in this continent who was a wizard. By becoming a wizard, maybe even my family could be granted nobility and would not have to work anymore.  After what seemed like hours finally arrived at the inn.  We got a room and they provided dinner.  We went to sleep content. The next morning we set out for Nilfor after eating breakfast at the inn. We took breaks along the way to eat lunch and dinner before we finally arrived at the Gate to Nilfor. Near the gate I saw an old man with an illustrious robe and pointed hat holding an intricately designed wooden staff with a jewel embedded in it. The staff glowed faintly as we reached the old man. Kaderam recognized my father and me and guided us into the Town and closed the gate after him. We walked for a while until we reached another gate. It led out of the town and near it was home of the wizard. The Wizard’s home was a large Tower made of stone.


We walked into the tower after stabling the horses near the tower. My father was to stay the night and leave tomorrow morning. I’d be sad to see him go. The wizard guided us to rooms on the second floor and we promptly fell asleep. Tomorrow I would officially begin my studies as an apprentice to Kaderam.


7 Responses to 3.Chapter 2

  1. lion says:

    I got up out of bed and swallowed my father…
    umm….did he taste nice?


    • lion says:

      just an advice:
      We walked into the tower after stabling the horses near the tower.
      This sound kind of repetitive, It could be
      We walked into the tower after stabling the horses.
      We walked into the tower after stabling the horses nearby.
      just an advice. and thank you for the story btw, it seems like it will be good.


  2. KleinDaBomb or I'm Da Bomb says:

    lol elysion will fix it, there is a prologue and ch 1-4 so far
    THey get longer as they go on.
    my chapters get way longer than yours(especially ch 4)
    also on royal road btw http://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/2229


  3. aber8531 says:

    and here i was feeling my chapters were short


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