3.Chapter 3

I was greeted with a bright light as I opened my eyes and heard someone speaking loudly. Kaderam was near the window and was telling me to get up. He told me to get ready after I got out of bed and he promptly left the room.

I gazed out of the window after I had got ready. Everything seemed small. Suddenly near me, there was a bright flash and the wizard appeared. I was mesmerized by the light and the thought that my master could appear out of thin air. He grinned playfully, knowing that I was mesmerized. The wizard said that maybe he would teach him the spell to do it sometime. Kaderam told me a spell was the activation of magic for an effect.

Master said we would be landing soon.

What did he mean by landing?

“Oh God! Are we…. f..flo..floating?!” I finally managed to ask. Too flabbergasted to realize I was stuttering.

“Yes, my boy, We Are!” The wizard said in an excited tone. We’ll be landing near the tailor’s shop soon. My master said tailor. I had never been to a tailor, besides the one near the farm. I was excited to get some clothes from a tailor. Kaderam said the tailor would be making me a robe and would get my size today. I told Kaderam that I had no extra money to speak of. He laughed heartily and said, “Its fine, ma boy! You are my apprentice after all.” There were no words to express my appreciation. First he took me in as his apprentice for very little money and was doing all these things for me. He was probably willing to train me because I was going to be a wizard and because I had a high mana capacity.

I remembered a few months ago when the wizard came to our farm, he brought a glowing sphere. He had told me to put my hands onto it and clear my head. After a few moments, Kaderam said I was definitely a wizard and had a high mana capacity. My parents were overjoyed because when they heard I would become a wizard from the fortuneteller, they thought he just meant a magic user, but for me to become an actual wizard was an amazing thing.

The wizard snapped me out of my daydream and told me we had landed. I had barely noticed because I was so absorbed in my thoughts. We got out of the tower when I noticed something. There was a drawbridge and the walls were made of stone bricks. The guards were wearing plate mail and had high quality spears. We were at Altinor. The tower had probably been flying since I was asleep.


We walked towards the drawbridge. I than looked behind me where the tower was just before, but saw nothing. The wizard noticed my questioning face and said he had turned the tower invisible. I was amazed and realized how amazing my master was. As we walked closer towards the guards, they noticed us. They crossed their spears, but then noticed my master’s robe and the medal he was wearing and immediately uncrossed their spear. We were allowed in and did not even have to state our business. His medal symbolized he was a wizard and a 6th ranked master wizard at that. They probably did not want to get him angry and my master was practically a high noble as well.

I was amazed at all the sights as we walked into the city. Everything was so much bigger and better compared to what I had seen before. I could not wait to go to the tailor and get my robe. The master said we would also be getting other items as well. I silently pondered in my head what else we would get, as I did not know all a wizard would need.

I looked to my right and saw a giant building. Master saw me looking at it and told me it was a bookstore. He said we would go there later, after I got fitted by the tailor. I couldn’t wait because I loved to read. I hoped master would get me some books of my choosing.


The master stopped and I noticed the building in front of us. It looked like the shop of a tailor and I wondered how long it would take to get fitted before we could go to the bookstore.


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