3.Chapter 4

As we stepped inside, I heard a bell ring. A man in expensive clothes looked at us and said hello to my master. It looked like they knew each other. My master told the man I was here to get fitted for the clothes on the list the master gave him before. This was all arranged already, it seemed. The man started measuring me and by the time he was done, I could have read a lengthy novel. He was very precise and when he was done, my master gave him a small sack. I didn’t actually know what was inside, but I heard jingling. It could have been silver coins or even gold coins because the clothes would probably be very good quality.

I wondered what other clothes I would get besides a robe because the master said clothes and not just a robe. We headed to the bookstore when we left. As I opened the door for my master and we stepped inside. I was pretty happy. There were quite a lot of books on the shelves I saw.

My master told me to go ahead and choose a few books. Kaderam just stood there and waited for me. Looking through the books for about an hour, I found three that I really wanted to read. The wizard had gone to the clerk and was chatting with her. I brought the book to the counter and the lady told me the prices. My master procured a pouch with a few gold coins in it and gave some to her. We thanked her and left. My master told me he had a few more things to do and told me to go back to the tower. He gave me a badge and told me to wear it when we went outside. I didn’t exactly remember how to get back to the tower, but just before I could ask the master how to get back, his eyes lit up. My head suddenly felt a bit weird. Suddenly my master told me that he had implanted directions in my head of what I was to do.

We both parted ways and I knew what I had to do. I went back to the tower, even though it was invisible, I knew where it was. The inside of the tower was not invisible, though. When I went to my room, I found a note left by my father. In the note he wished me well. In my excitement this morning, I had completely forgotten about my father and didn’t even notice the note he left! I felt kind of bad, but anybody would forget if they just became an apprentice to a wizard because of all the excitement.

I decided to start reading my books. They were all by the same author. The books were called, The History of Zavaren, The Kings of Zavaren, and The Myths and Legends of Zavaren. All the books were actually informational book, although I liked adventure, I had a great thirst for knowledge. I started reading, The History of Zavaren. I already knew a bit about it from school, but I still wanted to know more. Apparently a long time ago there was a sword wielding mage named Midoras who founded Zavaren.

I had read for about an hour and wondered when Kaderam would come back. Then I went back to reading and after about another hour, I heard the master come back. I went downstairs to greet him, and asked when my training would start. He gave a hearty laugh and said it would start tomorrow.  He said, “Let us eat now, ma boy.” We headed to the kitchen. The master opened up a closet, but when I went to check it out, I felt cold. Master told me it kept food from rotting and that that there was another closet where he kept things frozen. I wanted to ask how, but was too hungry too ask any more questions. I soon forgot about it anyway.

The master pointed to a circular device hanging on the wall and told me the food would be ready in five minutes. The device was a clock, but I didn’t see a sundial or any falling water. Some clocks ran on falling water and were called falling water clocks and sundials told the apparent time of day by the position the sun was in the sky.

He told me how to eat the clock and that it was powered by mana stored in a mana crystal. The food was ready. It was delicious, there war tender chicken in delectably thick soup. There were brown buns of bread with the soup that were crunchy and tasted of garlic and butter.

Master also prepared desert. It was a blueberry pie. The crust was and warm and when I took a bit out of the filling, I tasted sweetness and a slight amount of sourness. The pie was amazing and so was the food. I guessed Kaderam was a good cook, even though he used some magic to help make the food. We had water with our meal. Surprisingly the water was one of the best parts of the meal. It tasted so clean and fresh. I asked master why it tasted like this and he said, he purified it using magic. This probably meant I had been drinking relatively dirty water all my life, it disgusted me, but the thought of my parents getting water from the well every morning banished these thoughts.

Suddenly master yelled, “Oh, I almost forgot to give you this!” A dark swirling hole that was glowing appeared next to my master. He put his hand in it. I heard many sounds coming from the hole my master put his hand in as he was rummaging for something. Suddenly he pulled out an enormous glowing sword. It glowed red and I felt fear coursing through my body. I shivered feeling bloodlust emitted by the sword. Master then said, “Oops not it, wrong one.” He suddenly threw it back in.

I felt so relieved and happy that it was just a mistake, even though he said he would give it to me, I would not like that sword even if he meant to give it to me. Kaderam then pulled out something else. It was shining brightly. It was a small black volume with nothing written on it. Master called it a grimoire.



One Response to 3.Chapter 4

  1. lion says:

    He told me how to eat the clock
    Just what has Zoren been eating to be able to eat a clock??!?
    He already ate his father in chapter two….(even though he was somehow still able to take his son to see the wizard). And he just had to wait a few more minutes until dinner was ready if he was that hungry!…Maybe he just wanted it to be done sooner?
    haha… anyway, thanks for the chapter!! (it is good so far) and keep improving your writing style!


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