Long, long, ago, in a faraway land called Azania, in the town of Varet, in the country Zavaren, in the continent of Kazor, there lived a child. His name was Zoren. He didn’t know this yet, but he would one day become an amazing wizard. He would be renown throughout the world and treated as royalty by all, Capable of toppling a kingdom and slaying dragon. Maybe even being on par with a few gods?

Main Magic Users (top to bottom (weakest on top) [weakest to strongest])

Mage (can use a decent amount of magic)

Enchanter or Enchantress (can be called a witch](can use more magic than a mage)

Sorcerer or Sorceress (quite powerful and skilled at magic)

Warlock or Witch (very talented and very good at magic)

Wizard (can be as powerful as an angel or arch angel, very powerful)


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