M. : 20

Donator List :

  • Seki (username)
  • Jose Lopez
  • Ridhwan Ramdhani
  • Charles Liu
  • Alexander Shvarts
  • Alexander Moretti
  • Christopher James Croucher
  • John Vinh Le
  • RKA Chan
  • Steven Renshaw
  • Zanzellian (username)
  • Zer Yang
  • Lunagattina (username)
  • Mario Nunez
  • Pascal Klaaßen
  • Nicholas Wendell
  • Rasha Maddah
  • Axel Ahlund
  • Dicky Wongsonegoro
  • Joel Lundin
  • Lucas Berger
  • Jacob Keehner
  • Dale Murphy
  • Christopher Jackson
  • John Smith
  • Christopher Javier
  • Luda Larcher
  • Max Schafer
  • Thanh Kim
  • Brendon NGO
  • Fabian Richard
  • Łukasz Mazurkiewicz
  • Martin Schweizer
  • Saheed Falowo
  • Thibaut Ennesser
  • Stephen Marsh
  • Phuc Pham
  • Puppali Goud
  • Melvin Smith
  • Frieder Ziegler
  • Israel Castillo
  • Thomas Nguyen
  • Andres Jose Olalla Cano
  • mohd aimil

  • Thank you very much for appreciating my work. Special Thanks for you guys. Awesome.


17 Responses to Donation

  1. What do these “(3500-4500)” values represent? words? How much is the rate to sponsor a chapter?


    • ELYSION says:

      japanese letters.
      I imitate wuxiaworld’s rate which is 80$/3500-4000 chinese words. I heard that japanese have a higher rate, so it’s alright i think.


  2. jvle says:

    Hey, can you also send me an email regarding the average amount of donation?


  3. anemonenous says:

    hey hey why not make an anime styled drawings of our hall of famers……and some free lolis too as a reward for their continued support….just a suggestion


  4. Ai no Chikara says:

    please sent me an email for the avarage donation these days


  5. Groum says:

    gan, aku ingin donate. tpi gak punya paypal (dan gak ada keinginan untuk mbuat). kirim via rekening bank bisa ?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Assassin says:

    how the heck can i donate i dont have bank acct or even paypal and i dont trust paypal are there other option ???? like money gram or western unison, also i’m still in training for 6 months which i do receive daily allowance from the company i work on


    • ELYSION says:

      Right now, It’s only through paypal since i dont have any other means of transfer. I will try to add those options you speak of later. thanks for the effort.


  7. Zanzellian says:

    hmm… how much would be considered a normal donate these days? with the $’s current worth, and me not using said $ system, i cannot help but wonder in case i would want to donate. There is no indication after clicking the donate button other than writing in a random number xD Muuuh, question from a future may-or-may-not donator~…. And yes, my lack of proper use of capital letters etc is indeed because english has too much useless stuff in itself…. stupid english..


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