FAQ ~ Ask Me Here !

You can Ask Me anything here.

Any question I answered will be added to the page.

  • Where can I contact you ?
  • What’s this site Selling Point ?
    Fast Releases, as you can see.
  • Are you alone ?
    Yes. I’m a one-man army. That’s also the reason that i need donations. Because i use my own personal time for this. Appreciation is needed 😦
  •  Why did you start translating ?
    To replace my spare time for gaming to contribute something. And for fun. For the fame. And For Business (If anyone want to buy the service that is).Most of all, for experience. as i only started this blog 3 days ago(11 april 2015), and is my first one.
  • Why choose Elysion as your user name?
    is it because of original meaning of Elysion in greek afterlife,a band, or a novel like Kasou Ryouiki no Elysion?
    The latter one.
  • Are you translating the LN or the WN?
    WN, basically anything free.
  • When you start learning japanese?
    Can’t give you the exact hours (it will be unbelievable and sounds bragging). But i don’t study daily. Let’s just say, i have natural affinity with Japanese.Hours spent on it is unnaturally low. I mean it. Low.

72 Responses to FAQ ~ Ask Me Here !

  1. littledev says:

    I am sure you have seen the stuff that is currently happening with Gravity Translations. Remember in my email I suggested that you stay away from cloud computing as it is expensive and really unneeded for your situation. The troubles they are going through are an example of why.
    If push comes to shove, you can easily just pay wordpress for the upgraded package. Get your own domain name and have them continue to host it while giving you better version of wordpress (which you were probably originally planning to use anyway). You haven’t had connection/traffic issues up until now so why fix what isn’t broken AND pay potentially quadruple?

    Just sayin.


  2. HeWhoDoesNotGiveAFuck says:

    Elysion-senpai is in every WN comments I seen lol, are you a wizard senpai?


  3. Anja says:

    why you english ungood?


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