The Bladed Hero

The Journey of the Bladed Hero


In a world of swords and magic, legends spoke of warriors who climbed through the ranks by combining swords and magic or pure swordsmanship. These warriors far surpassed the High knights of the five kingdoms. Some of these warriors fought for different reasons such as ambition,desire, vengeance and so on. But as the years gone by, the legends of the warriors was soon forgotten along with their techniques. However, a legend is about to be born, one that shall surpass the forgotten legends and dazzle the world.


Genre: Action,Magic,Fantasy,Harem,Comedy,Romance




1.Kenshi (Main character)

He is a 17 year old male whose dream is to become the number one swordmaster and get a girlfriend. When he was younger, a fortune teller foretold that he would have trouble with women but misunderstood that he wouldn’t get a girlfriend. In his encounter with a sword,new friends and foes,his journey will be full of twists and turns. His personality is a happy go luck,kind,act first think later kind of guy. He is a bit shy around women and unaware of their feelings, but acts like a big brother to those younger than him.



Due to his love for swordmanship,it lead to him creating his own techniques. As he gains access to the powers and abilities of the past warriors, he combines his techniques with them,making it difficult for opponents to predict or defend against.



He wears a necklace from his deceased mother and retractable wristguards (refer kenichi history’s strongest disciple).Formerly wore traveller clothes with leather armor but changed to black hooded vest,baggy trouser and combat boots upon awaiting the Omniblade.


2.Omniblade(Nickname Saya)

It is an ancient magical sword that was born from the essence of many swords from the battlefields and sealed itself underground waiting for a person capable of wielding it. Ion making contact with Kenshi’s soul, it gained self awareness and took up traits of a girl and was given the name Saya. She can materialize from the sword and take on the appearance of a teenage girl with silver hair and butterfly wings due to seeing a butterfly when coming out of the cave for the first time. Her personality is airheaded,emotionally attached to Kenshi and friendly to others. She takes on a serious attitude when in battle or training..



Due to being born from the essence of swords, she fan access the abilities of the swords and the techniques of the wielders. When Saya takes on the form of the sword, League’s clothes changes into that of the past wielder, however, when he loses consciousness or runs out of mana, they will revert back to their original forms. When Kenshi and Says truly become one, they enter a state called Soul Blade Synchro will grants them increase in abilities and access to highly advanced techniques.(refer Megaman BN Red Sun/Blue Moon)



She is a 15 year old catgirl who sets out on a journey in search of someone worthy to be her master. At her village, she is known to reject males without a good reason and was kicked out, never to return until she found a master. At first, she disliked Kenshi for his timidness but warmed up to him due to his kindness and developed feelings for him when he saved her from the clutches of the Dark Blades.Her personality is of a tomboy,pushy and a bit violent, she develops a catlike attachment to Kenshi such as wrapping her tail  around his hand, rubbing against his chest and protective when other girls approach him.



Due to her being a catgirl, Kuroneko utilizes her natural abilities in battle and uses mana for physical enhancement. She is highly proficient in wielding dual daggers as well as throwing weapons. She increases the offensive power of her weapons by wrapping her mana around them.



Kuroneko wears a modified purple cheongsam and shorts( refer Ling Xiaoyu, Tekken) with a sheath for her daggers at her waist. She also wears purple ballet slippers with straps around her shins, all which are for speed and acrobatic manuveurs.


4.Gale Fang

He is a young male white wolf with black markings on his body. Due to being weak and different in the pack of grey wolves, Gale Fang was banished and left wounded to died in the wilderness. After being saved and trained by Kenshi to develop his own fighting style, Gale Fang returned to the pack to prove himself but chose to follow Kenshi on his journey in order to becomeIII strongertry His personality is of a coold nature but acts like a puppy when Kenshi pets or plays with him. He becomes fierce in battle and attacks relentlessly, giving opponents no time to recover.



Using his natutal instincts, Gale Fang attacks with his fangs and claws, but after receiving training from Kenshi, He could use mana to amplify his howls and enhance his physical abilities as well as manipulate his sword when not held in his jaws.



Gale Fang wears a modified leather harness on his body in order to hold his sword on his back and extra daggers for Lionel to use. A broken fang received from the pack leader is made into a necklace and worn around his neck .



Levia is a young water serpent that used to live in an underground lake until she met Kenshi when he was separated from Kuroneko and the others during a battle against the Dark Blades. She was afraid of venturing out of the cavern due to lack of confidence, but after spending time with Kenshi who became a brother figure to her, Levia decided to follow him because of his kindness and caring for her. Her personality is extremely shy and prone to cry when teased or oppressed, but becomes more cheerful when close to Kenshi. In battle, her role is of a supporter and healer of the group.



Levis is capable of transforming into a humanoid shape or a serpentine form. She is also able to cast healing spells as well as defensive magic plus water magic when in serpent form.



When in human form, Levia wears a Gothic dress and wields a magic staff which was bought by Kenshi. She wears an emerald crown when in serpent form.





  1. Krow

He is a 20 year old male swordsman who seeks to rule the five kingdoms with an iron fist and is the wielder of the Darkus Blade as well as the leader of the Dark Blades. Know came from a banished nobility and believes that he is superior to all ranks and legends. He is constantly at loggerheads with Kenshi and treats him like a pebble on the road. His personality is of a sadist and lusts for bloodshed as well as is extremely narcissistic.



Krow ‘s mana and emotion fuel the power of the Darius Blade, making him impervious to magic or physical damage for a certain duration.



He wears a blood red Knight armor and cape that aread stained with the blood of deceased warriors.


  1. Catalina

She is an 18 year old catgirl who sides with Krow as her master. Like Lionel, she left the village in search of a master who is proud of his own strength in whom she found Know. She very envious of Lionel Due to her attracting the males around her and so is very hostile towards her.



She shares the same specs as Kuroneko except that she wields dual shortswords and cast dark magic which was taught by Krow.



She wears a revealing blood red chromosome with stilettos and a headdress.



Can’t exactly think up more that this, I will leave it to the person who picks up on this idea.



When I was creating my main protagonist,  I wanted him to be different from the other McDonald so I made him less on magic casting and more on hack and slashing. I also wanted him to use all kinds of sword techniques by transforming like Drive form in Kingdom Hearts 2 or Kamen Rider Decade. When thinking about the past warriors, I wanted to adopt the sword styles from Ninja Gaiden, Kingdom Hearts 2,Devil May Cry and Onimusha. I also wanted my MC to face challenges of his dark side in order to attain greater strength.



When I thought of how the world would be,I wanted the first kingdom to be at a praise land, the second to be a t a coastal area, the third at an oasis area, the fourth at a mountainous area and the fifth at a forest area. I wanted an environmental effect on the magic used in the area.


3 Responses to The Bladed Hero

  1. Mucha King says:

    MC is to flamboyant sounding.. I mean seriously? combining his styles with other styles? isn’t that a bit excessive and the naming of all characters don’t make sense and the name if his sword is to chuuni, it’s like a guy naming his penis Bahamut.


  2. drizinho0 says:

    It’s a realy good setting, if you piece it together, gives proper credit(or somethin) it could be made into a great fanfic, and if you want to be one you’self you can go to Royalroadl and start choosing fanfics to base out off and even get more ideas.
    All in all great.

    Nightmare, the “shadow stalker” of royalroad.


  3. AdeH. says:

    Sounds cool 😀


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