The other world physics makes no sense!

Alex Elsen’s Fiction.

Chapters can be seen on sub-menu.

STATUS : Author role send. Not accepted yet.



19 Responses to The other world physics makes no sense!

  1. AdeH. says:

    I think i am just plain stupid but i don’t see the links there anymore and i also don’t get it where they are^^
    Helperinho pleaserinho


  2. malvazar says:

    Just managed to get my coursework done in time. Was very hectic and found it hard to concentrate on writing a story during this week. Well it shouldn’t take too long until I complete the next chapter since I don’t have that coursework looming over me any more. Btw I accept the author request and have become an author on Elysion’s site. I’m so bad at wordpress T-T. looked around a bit but still couldn’t work out how to edit my section lol. I can see how to edit the main posts and comments and stuff. But still haven’t found how to get to the edit my stuff bit lol, hopefully I will work out wordpress soon so I can improve my grammar and stuff. Anyway that’s the latest with me in case people were worried since I haven’t posted in a little while.


  3. malvazar says:

    Just sent chapter 3 a third time. Not sure why it’s taking him a while to respond. (Perhaps his email is full of spam or something? Or maybe he’s busy, I don’t know.)


    • ELYSION says:

      Yeah, I received it. Sorry ._. I was busy. I’m gonna sort it out now.

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      • malvazar says:

        It’s cool, I understand. I was just worried that you might have changed your email or something. Thanks for sorting out the hosting :). I noticed that there isn’t a link to chapter 3 on this page. I know that there is a working link in the drop down bar at the top, so it’s not too pressing. Just thought I would mention it, in case you missed it.


  4. AdeH. says:

    Really good work 😀
    Do you know when there will be the next chapter?
    Looking forward to it 😀

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  5. Lord Fyre says:

    Really enjoying this story!

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  6. kmx72 says:

    Like this hope to see a new chapter soon

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  7. Emait says:

    This sounds interesting 😀 Looking forward to your next chapter!!

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  8. crtlhakuei says:

    A nice and quiet chapter. It seems things keep moving… and wonder if Mia is an important character.

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  9. crtlhakuei says:

    This was a nice reading! Now I want to read the next chapter. Good luck pyromaniac Tom!

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    • malvazar says:

      will try to update the story frequently :). It’s awesome that you enjoy it ^^. I study physics so I’m slightly unsure about my English so most of my time is spent proofing xD. If you’re confused I’m alex 🙂 (I have just sent the next chapter to Elysion so shouldn’t be long)

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      • crtlhakuei says:

        It’s awesome that you study physics. And about the pyromaniac thing, it was about the MC (wasn’t his name Tom?) Anyways, I really expect the next one. (Me myself write a Fiction thus I know its hard to update).

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