I’m just a young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time.

You can comment your recommendation.

If it’s interesting, i might take it. For this, i will do it for free as long as i feel like it.

If you insist of a series that i hold no interest, you will have to donate for it. I mean business.


Recommendation considered :

  • Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de
  • The New Gate

206 Responses to Recommendation

  1. JamieJJH says:

    chihou kishi hans no junan

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  2. Charles Raffi says:

    Sorry for my english if i wrote wrong.
    I’m studying english.:)


  3. Charles Raffi says:

    If you are still searching a novel to TL. I would like to recommend kuro no senki. I read a teaser on and it was interesting.
    Here is its raw


  4. Kizuki says:

    I would like to recommend a webnovel :arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou since it looks like japtem doesn’t almost post updates of it(sorry for my grammar,english is not my first language)….it’s a great story but the the updates are killing me so if you have the time, please take a look at it……thanks in advance


  5. alpha says:

    Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou


  6. Drago says:

    Hello Sir or Madam 😛
    I would also like to recommend this novel as i liked it very much bcoz of the story


  7. Index says:

    Didn’t you wanted to translate Gate (JSDF) sometime ago or i’m wrong ?? I like it so i recommend it^^


  8. Lieng says:

    uhh i would like to recommend Maken no Daydreamer [Demon Fist of the Daydreamer]
    For some reason the previous TL is not updating his site for 6 months already, so please take a look and see if you can pick it up. thank you


  9. Newguy says:

    Sir Elysion,
    I would like to recommend YOMIGAERI NO MAOU(The Resurrected Demon King).and yes, sheeprabbit did indeed drop this project and said that it’s up for grab for anyone.That is all.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Newguy 😀


  10. M.A.D says:

    Solistia (HaruParty) is already working on Yuusha Party though. She was on break last month but not any more.

    My recommendations:
    What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was To ,For Now, Get Naked


    When a Stupid FPS Player Falls to Another World

    The FPS one is currently Durasama’s side-project, but I’m sure if you wanna collaborate on it he wouldn’t mind.


  11. aReader says:

    Please pick up Knight’s and Magic


  12. Phreak says:

    I would like to recommend Re:Monster currentlty it is being translated here:

    But they come out with a new day about once every couple of months… which is kinda slow. Let me know if youre interested.


  13. Drago says:

    Tsuyokute: New Saga?


  14. Danmachi!!! pls ;D


  15. niaa says:

    What about Kuangshen its being translated but really slowly OSTNT started translating it on 08/01/14 then I think abandoned it but itranslateln started their own translation on 02/13/15 but has only 12 chapters out.
    Here is the baka-updates link –


  16. Nu Gundam says:

    Yomigaeri no Maou = the esteemed dude dropped it. (translated up to chapter 21)
    Eh Heibon Desu Yo = also dropped (only 2 volume of LN and 9-10 chapters of WN translated)

    Hope you can pick them up (either one of them, both would be great) XD


  17. vansc0re says:

    “Kaettekita mo Fantasy!?” Catching story but sadly tl abandoned it… Guy on animesuki made prolog( first 4 chapters) some guy wrote that he picked it up but he only released the same cp.1 of prolog…… Maby you woukd like to give it a try? Thanks.


  18. m3eep says:

    Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki would be great. It’s about an 38 year old man, who loves playing games and is now playing the VRMMO “One More Free Life Online”. He’s just using the “useless” skills, but is damn good.


  19. Fiqramz says:

    Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de


  20. Nitrox says:

    Re:zero don’t have translators … if you saw the manga and you thought it was interesting, give it a try.


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