Konjiki no Wordmaster

Konjiki no Mojitsukai

Five people summoned to another world to battle the demon lord who threatens that world. However, there were only four heroes that were summoned, and the other an innocent bystander. What will the innocent bystander do next?


Arc 2 : Into the Demon World

Chapter 127: Lightening and Darkness
Chapter 126: Hiiro Vs Crouch
Chapter 125: The Unmatched Hiiro
Chapter 124: Hiiro, Once again to the demon continent
Chapter 123: Way to Betrayal
Chapter 122: Visitors
Chapter 121: The transformed king
Chapter 120: The protagonist relieves his stress
Chapter 119: The top’s true strength
Chapter 118: Hiiro at Holy Oldine
Chapter 117: Request of the Demon Queen
Chapter 116: Hiiro and Eveam
Chapter 115: Meeting with the Demon Queen
Chapter 114: Out of Place Hiiro
Chapter 113: Judom’s countermeasures and a new betrayal
Chapter 112: Escape
Chapter 111: Those who are alive
Chapter 110: The imprisoned ones
Chapter 109: Hiiro’s True Ability
Chapter 108: Enter Okamura Hiiro
Chapter 107: The Heroes Who Came to Know of Reality
Chapter 106: Beginning of a War
Chapter 105: Beginning of a Betrayal
Chapter 104: King Rudolf’s Motive
Chapter 103: Demon-human peace conference conclusion
Chapter 102: The demon lord, to the Humas continent
Chapter 101: Prelude to the Conference
Chapter 100: Half a year later
Chapter 99: Drunk companions
Chapter 98: Food! Ashura’s Nabe!
Chapter 97: The Word Magic’s Rebound
Chapter 96: The conclusion, and tearful parting
Chapter 95: Resolve
Chapter 94 : Confrontation, the Demon Desert (Yoraikun)
Chapter 93 : New word magic ability..And title..(XCrossJ, Pummels, Loliquent)
Chapter 92 : United Front (Pummels)
Chapter 91 : Camus’ Resolve (Netblazer)
Chapter 90 : The Conclusion ! (ELYSION, Loliquent)
Chapter 89 : Hiiro vs Camus (XCrossJ)
Chapter 88 : Camus’ True Power (ELYSION)
Chapter 87 : Unyielding Thoughts (XCrossJ)
Chapter 86 : Ashura’s Tenacity (Loliquent)
Chapter 85 : Liliyn and Sivan (Netblazer)
Chapter 84 : Ashura Tribe (Yoraikun)
Chapter 83 : Battle in Raobu Desert (ELYSION)
Chapter 82 : To the first destination ( CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 81 : Everyone’s Expectation ( Netblazer, CapsUsingShift, XCrossJ)
Chapter 80 : The Heroes One Month Later ( XCrossJ, Capsusingshift )
Chapter 79 : And now, towards the journey ( XCrossJ )
Chapter 78 : The Servant’s Worries (ELYSION)
Chapter 77 : New Travelling Companions (NetBlazer)
Chapter 76 : Contract with the Demons ? ( XCrossJ, NetBlazer, Night Racoon, ELYSION )
Chapter 75 : The Apologizing Maid (ELYSION)
Chapter 74 : The Origin of Red Rain (ELYSION, NetBlazer, XCrossJ, Victory Chen)
Chapter 73 : SS Ranked Monster (NetBlazer)
Chapter 72 : The Visiting Red Rain (XCrossJ, Dalmenuis)
Chapter 71 : The Little Girl’s Invitation (Yoraikun)
Chapter 70: Little Girl Strong? Weak?  (Capsusingshift)
Chapter 69: Majuu Girl Shamoe (XCrossJ)

Arc 1 : The Wanderer with the Unique Cheat
Chapter 68: The Butler’s Finesse (Netblazer)
Chapter 67: The Devious Girl Liliyn (XCrossJ)
Chapter 66: The chaotic trio (XCrossJ)
Chapter 65: Toward the Mansion (Netblazer)
Chapter 64: Struggle against the Cactus Man (XCrossJ)
Chapter 63: Venom Mountain (XCrossJ)
Chapter 62: New Pervert (Companion)? (Yoraikun)
Chapter 61: Insightful Butler Silvan (Netblazer)
Chapter 60: Resurrecting butler? (Netblazer)
Chapter 59: Threat of the Grand Slime (Netblazer)
Chapter 58: Now, to the Evlia Continent (XCrossJ)
Chapter 57: One month later (Netblazer)
Chapter 56: Movement in Victorias (Yoraikun)
Chapter 55: That bird, again! (XCrossJ)
Chapter 54: A new journey (CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 53: Identity of the Ghost and Friends (Netblazer)
Chapter 52: Arnold and Company’s suspicions (XCrossJ)
Chapter 51: A promise between the two (CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 50: Mimiru and the boy (Netblazer)
Chapter 49: Hiiro and the Little Girl (Netblazer)
Chapter 48: Big sister, the Maid (Yoraikun)
Chapter 47: Arnold’s Other Objective (XCrossJ)
Chapter 46: Hiiro’s Decision (CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 45: The Gabranth Roots (Netblazer)
Chapter 44: Muir’s Test Complete! (Netblazer)
Chapter 43: Rarashik’s ability (Netblazer)
Chapter 42: Another Conference in the Demon Continent (XCrossJ)
Chapter 41: Interruption of War (CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 40: The War Commences and a Sudden Development!? (Yoraikun)
Chapter 39: The Unstoppable War (Netblazer)
Chapter 38: Arnold’s master (Netblazer)
Chapter 37: Capital of The Beast Kingdom Passion (Netblazer)
Chapter 36: The Demon Queen’s Determination (Netblazer)
Chapter 35 : Level Up to Power Up (Yoraikun)
Chapter 34 : The Kitty Bastard’s Invitation (Yoraikun)
Chapter 33 : Muir’s Awakening (Yoraikun)
Chapter 32 : The Cree Caves (Yoraikun)
Chapter 31 : The Four Heroes’ Strength, and Premonitions of War (Night Raccoon)
Chapter 30 : Rumors of War (Victor Chen)
Chapter 29 : One Night’s Experience (Yoraikun)
Chapter 28 : Faerie’s Garden (Victor Chen)
Chapter 27 : A Slice of Their Travels (Yoraikun)
Chapter 26 : The Meeting in the Kingdom of Beasts (Yoraikun)
Chapter 25 : Tasty Honey Sweets (Tenshiroe)
Chapter 24 : Honey Gathering (Yoraikun)
Chapter 23 : The Determination of Vale (Yoraikun)
Chapter 22 : The Bear People of Doggam (Yoraikun)
Chapter 21 : The Importance of Level (Tired)
Chapter 20 : The Restrictions of Word Magic (Yoraikun)
Chapter 19 : Encounter: A Unique Monster (Yoraikun)
Chapter 1 – 18 

23 Responses to Konjiki no Wordmaster

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  2. Noone? says:

    Is Eliysion even online nowdays >3>? Since the chapters have started to catch up and chapter 154 is his chapter.


  3. nasserq11 says:

    hi i made a google doc of the series and i was wondering you can spread this to the other transliteration as well because the waiting for each individual and chapter to be released is taking a while so they can all work on it together for it to be a lot faster https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3mhNi-6H-L_fkZ5R2RVMWhJbURsRk9DS01GcFI4clZ6ODFLRmk5dTg5S0c1UjJJYi1OT28&usp=sharing


  4. Silva Lau says:

    wow what the hell? seroiusly? Since Yoraikun announced he will stop translating for a while, all translation groups stopped all at the same time o.o


  5. bloodofagony says:

    Damn, you earn more donations than Jcafe.com get, monthly.. Surprising since jcafe is a website with so many ppl everyday, they must be quite stingy there 😛


  6. hqjkat says:

    Can someone tell me where can i find latest releases of
    Sword art online
    Hidan no aria


  7. Pendragon says:

    Elysion what’s your nationality?
    And I would like to help in editing. :3
    I’m a bit confident in my English skills. 😉


  8. rustedge says:

    i would appreciate it if could put a character section with their pictures in it.it doesn’t have to have summary,just their pic and name.


  9. It’s… because I’m a butler!


  10. XCrossJ says:

    Say, do you want me to link chapters I’ve done in advance here? Or do you want to wait till the rest of the chapters catch up?


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