Exam Over.


Now, onto catching up with the latest chapter.

I’m hiring a translator too (not now) so that I can post daily (4000 words). Let’s just hope the donation help me later on.

Anyone can update with me with the latest chapter ?



Just another young adult that translate stuff for fun and spare time and of course MONEY. Haters Magnet.
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  1. Some one should help with the Hachi-nan translation. Evil1ord is having trouble and stuff.
    Other than that im satisfied with just the 3 stories here


  2. Novel-Lover says:

    YOMIGAERI NO MAOU PLEASE !!!!!!!! There’s 21 chapters but it has been dropped 😦


  3. If you could consider:
    1. Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu –> Synop was interesting but new TL and very slow and not so good
    2. The Black Knight who was stronger then even the Hero –> Seems interesting but very slow TL
    3. Tenkyou no Alderamin –> Really want someone who would TL this
    4; Continue: Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de –> Liking it so far/Wanting more. Was picked up by: https://youtsubasilver.wordpress.com/ but hasn’t really progressed far.
    5. KmF (KAETTEKITE MO FANTASY!?) –> Really slow TL but a nice synopsis
    6. Summoned Slaughterer –> Like the Chara. You could work with the current sole TL: https://kerambitnosakki.wordpress.com/ the guy just took a 2 week break.
    7. Majin Tenseiki –> Sad/Anguish plot. Nice MC. You could work with the current sole TL: https://trippingoverwn.wordpress.com/ the guy just took a 2 week break.

    ie: nice to have you back. I’ve kept this page open checking every hour for your return. The notice was unheeded.

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    • YamatoEX says:

      Will this interest for you?
      Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai – no respond from translator better ask them for permission first?
      Maken no Daydreamer [Demon Fist of the Daydreamer] – It has been dropped but not sure if anyone take it yet?


    • AsianOtakuGuy says:

      I think the TL for Isekai is actually pretty fast. If you think that it has a slow release, you have greed problems my dear leecher-san


  4. Schatten says:

    Konjiki no Moji Tsukai has been said. Isekai Mahou is still being translated by Hiyono, he’s just released chapter 19. You’ll have to see what to do with that as he already pointed out he doesn’t intend to cooperate.


  5. Varler says:

    Wow, welcome back! 🙂


  6. 205780 says:


    latest KnW chapters and who is working on them

    isekai is at 19 atm

    and i don’t know if you would be willing to translate licened novels but i would really want to read “no game no life” further. baka-tsuki dropped it due to licencing. they were halfway through vol 5.




    • atrie94 says:

      lol vol 5 and vol6 are downloadable as pdfs and fully translated dunno if vol 7 is already out try google XD it helps 😀


    • AsianOtakuGuy says:

      NGNL was actually completely translated up to vol 6. After it was taken down, one of the translators continues TLing the last few chapters of V6 and posted it Pastebin I believe. If you ask around, you could probably find someone that saved a pdf of NGNL and read that. Or if you read up to V6 and just want to finish, just google NGNL volume 6 and it should come up.


  7. M.A.D says:

    Pls start knw from 135, coz 134 was a cliffhanger


  8. brightxdarkness says:

    Well about KnW you can start from 129 the others chapter are either completed or getting edited


  9. Skyrs says:

    Ive been waiting for this day to come


  10. kmx72 says:

    They defeated the monster, there was an after party Kamus kinda fell in love with Hiiro more or less, then there was a time-skip , then some chapters about conference of peace between Evila and Huma but in the end the naïve little Maou got betrayed then we see Hiiro again but officially OP and that he gained a disciple named Nikki he defeated a traitor of the Evila, we got to see that he somehow made a contract with Eveam to help her when if they come to attack the Evila continent, then we see how where they were trapped where they can’t use magic, that Kiria was a traitor but then Hiiro using word magic transferred where they were and got them back to the Evila continent also we see the stats of Judom, Aquila , and Hiiro, then we see that Rudolf was. Just a piece for Kiria and how she planned all this, and made Rudolf eat a demon stone which made him gain the power of the guy from re:minster meaning he got skills and all from anything he ate and that made him then at latest we see Hiiro returning Lily a asking him why he didn’t tell her about that or something , and that somehow the bird turned to a human girl being little kid, well that was more or less my summary, I’m not good at these things so you better read to understand better, also they got like two or three more translators at the project and well hope this can help


  11. nicholaevich says:

    Welcome back, super S.
    Isekai mahou got robbed by isekai translations.



  12. kmx72 says:

    Of KnW?


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