Second Life | Chapter 3 : It seems I got a cheat.

Translator : ELYSION
Editor : XCrossJ (14/4/2015)


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Chapter 3: It seems I got a Cheat



Author Note:

If we’re talking about someone from another world, we’re talking about cheats.

You could say that if there is no cheat, the story can’t start.


“I’m truly sorry to involve you in this predicament. I truly appreciate it, Renya-san.” (God)

The chibi bowed her head deeply.

In times like this, it was hard to directly look at the chibi. Renya felt really bad since he didn’t mean any harm.

“It’s fine already so please raise your head.” (Renya)

There was a little bit of impatience mixed in Renya’s words. Hearing this, the little girl slowly raised her head.

“I’m truly sorry to cause trouble for you. If you were to reject this, I would have to look for another compatible person.” (God)

As this appeared to be a significant matter, Renya’s interest was piqued as he began to ask.

“By the way, what’re the chances of finding a compatible person ?” (Renya)

“1 in 5, 630, 000, 000 people.” (God) (TL Note : That’s it. LUK Stats is over 9999) (E Note: About 0.00000000002 %. Good luck with that, Kami-sama…)

Renya swallowed upon hearing thus. From the number itself, it seemed like the chances were just one person in the entire earth.

“Then, how will you send me there ? Don’t tell me, reincarnation ? “ (Renya)

Renya said thus as he implied that he wanted to be spared from such a fate. Even though Renya agreed to help, reincarnating into a baby again felt like too much of a pain. Also, if he were to become a baby with this mental state, he would die from embarrassment.

“If I were to use the reincarnation system, there’s a chance that the warlord there can repel it with their management right. So, I won’t be reincarnating you. Since you will return here again if you die, we have to plan before the next reincarnation.” (God)

Even if he was sent, it didn’t mean that he only had one chance. Renya feel relieved as it looked like it wouldn’t take too much time.

“For the family register stuff, since there are tons of lost people that inhabit this world, there should be no problem.” (God)

“What do you mean ?” (Renya)

“There’s a quite number of people that came from other worlds there, you know ? Since the world itself is not stable, there are lots of occurrences where people get transferred there. “ (God)

“What happened to the requirement of having a good aptitude that you mention earlier !?” (Renya)

“It will be troublesome if you failed to cross it, you know.” (God)

The chibi lifted her little finger and made another window appear in order to continue her explanation.

“Since once you are there, you will have to live there for a few decades. I, the God, will be giving you a present !” (God)

Hearing such strange intonation, Renya hit the God’s head.

“Oh yeah, you’re a god, aren’t you ?” (Renya)

“D-O-N-T-F-O-R-G-E-T-I-T ! That’s the most important thing, you know !?” (God)

“Since you are wearing such an outfit, you are far from divine.” (Renya)

The chibi began to pout upon hearing thus. Renya began to feel that he shouldn’t have said that. Then, the chibi muttered.

“I thought that I could lure his lust with this gorgeous feminine body, but to think that it would have the opposite effect…” (God)

“Don’t make assumptions !” (Renya)

Receiving Renya’s cold gaze, the girl clenched her fist and spoke.
“It can’t be helped, huh.. Humans can never see beauty beyond superficial appearance. If an Ikemen hugged a girl, they would hardly raise any problems. Yet, when it comes to a geek or a nerd, they would deem it as sexual harassment, right ? That’s the reality.” (God)

“Even though that’s true, that’s not the point ! You said you’ll give me a gift, right ? You’ll give me something, right ?” (Renya)

Since it seems that it would diverge into a very unappealing topic, Renya interrupted her. Following this, the girl clapped her hands.

“Oh, that’s right ! To start with, my first gift to you is, <Youth> !” (God)

“I will be forever young…” (Renya) (E Note: Really, ELYSION? Really?)

“That is <Youth>. ” (God)

From Renya’s point of view, even though she said thus, it felt hard to believe.

“It is <Youth> ! You, the 94 years old gramps, will be able to live in a spanking new 18 year-old body thanks to my power !” (God)

“Even if I got sent in my 94 year-old body, shouldn’t it fine ? I would still come back here again when I die anyway.” (Renya)

Since he was only going for the resources, he didn’t feel the need to be able to live long over there.

Renya thought that it would be more efficient this way.

“Beside, I don’t have anything else to do there, right ?” (Renya)

“T-That’s true.. But that world is one with magic and swords, you know ! You can build fame easily as an adventurer ! Not to mention, you could also create a Harem ! Isn’t that every guy’s dream !? Why are you saying such a line that smells like a rotting geezer !?” (God) (TL Note : You know your stuff loligami 8) (E Note: Yep. Although let’s hope he doesn’t become a Loli Killer…)

“Well, I am a geezer though.” (Renya)

Chibi is dumbounded.

“Oh ? Eh.. Hm..” (God)

While running her hand in the window she just opened, she began to think.

Although it was slightly transparent, Renya couldn’t see what was written there. After a while, the chibi found what she had been searching for and, with sparkling eyes, turned to Renya.

“Actually, Renya-san, in that world, there’s a lot of delicious food that’s not on Earth, you know ?” (God) (TL Note : HIIRO !? IS THAT YOU !?) (E Note: If it is, I’ll bet he’ll get trapped by food again.)

“Hoh ?” (Renya)

It seems that the chibi was looking for information about my life to see whether she could persuade me. Since I don’t have any memories, it seems that somehow, I can’t resist the persuasion. I guess it means that I was pretty much food-lover, huh ? (Renya)

“Of course, there’s cheap delicious food and there’s also food that is expensive and super delicious. To buy such a food, it would be impossible for a 94 year-old gramps to earn the money.” (God)

“Fine, fine. I’ll go with the new body. But, I won’t forgive any more secrets. What are you planning ?” (Renya)

“I assume that it will take several decades for the scattered Resources to cling with Renya-san’s soul. They are not something that can just be taken. Since resources won’t diffuse themselves into corpses, this God would be very grateful if Renya-san can live a long life.” (God)

Surprisingly, the chibi easily told the truth. It looks like she has realized that lying would not be beneficial.

“Eh…that’s not really a gift, ain’t that something necessary ?” (Renya)

“Ugh.. even though you just thanked me for making you 18 again..” (God)

She said such cunning words with teary eyes.

“Since you said you would give me a gift, at least give me an appropriate one. In order to live and do my duty, isn’t that a given ?” (Renya)

“Ugh, then, what kind of gift do you want ?” (God)

Renya skillfully reversed God’s plan and began to ask for favors.

“My gift will be, <Anything Renya-san need>.” (God)

“Gold.” (Renya)

Renya immediately responded with seriousness.

“And then, an absolutely safe home, and great combat ability.” (Renya)

(TL Note : This guy.. Definitely the embodiment of GREED !) (E Note: Hiirofumi?)

“Give me a break. Before the resources are lost, the world would be destroyed due to the imbalance.” (God)

The chibi started to kneel in a dogeza, and of course, Renya somehow felt bad.

“Though it would be cool if you can do it, I guess it’s impossible, huh..” (Renya)

“It’s not that I can’t make a mountain of gold, it’s just that the world’s balance would break. Attaining power to destroy a country alone would obviously have a negative outcome. And if I made such a home, the duty would be…” (God)

“Well, I just wanted to try and say it once. Don’t cry.” (Renya)

The girl quickly stands up. (TL Note : She cried because she already promised.)

“For now, since I will have a young body, I want <Health>.” (Renya)

Since Renya didn’t want to waste any more time in this awkwardness, he tried to come up with something essential.

“O-Oh, <Health> huh ?” (God)

“Since it seems I was a drinker, I think I will need a strong stomach and liver.” (Renya)

“I see. Alcohol resistance and Gluttony right ?” (God) (TL Note : NAOFUMI DETECTED !) (E Note: Pretty sure Ren had Gluttony but…Hiirenfumi?)

“Also, since I need to make money, I would like some sort of ability. Since it’s a world with magic and swords, fights are inevitable, right ? “ (Renya)

“That’s right. You need some combat ability..” (God)

The girl took something like a memo out of nowhere and wrote down all of Renya’s wishes.
Renya thought it was strange for her to use such a thing as she could make a window appear out of nowhere.
Following this, Renya continued.

“Also, I would like to try to make some things. For some reason, I’m interested in black-smithing.” (Renya)

“Fumu, fumu. Renya was a dan in Kendo in your previous life by the way.” (God)

“Is that so ? I can’t remember.” (Renya)

“Your body should remember it though.” (God)

“I also want to try magic. I won’t be asking to be omnipotent, but I would like to excel in one area.” (Renya)

“I see. By the way, does Renya-san prefer power or control ?” (God)

“Of course, control.” (Renya)

There was once a proverb, it’s useless no matter how powerful one is if they didn’t hit their mark.

“Okay, I will add that as a reference.” (God)

“Also, I won’t be asking to become the strongest at once, but I would like to be able to grow as I train.” (Renya)

“I see. Do you have any wish regarding your look ?” (God)

After asking, the girl continues.

“Since your body is in a coffin back at Earth, I’ll be creating a new body for you. That’s why.” (God)

“I see.” (Renya)

“I can change it up as much as you like. I can create it so that every girl will fall for you at first sight, and every boy’s heart would somehow skip beat near you. Leave it to me !” (God)

“Can I even change my gender? “(Renya)

“Since I’m creating it from scratch, yes.” (God)

Renya knew that they were a guy. Even though they had no such memory to support them, even from their name, it was hard to think that it belonged to a girl. Renya was thinking which one would be better. The person them self knew that there was no turning back with this. After thinking for a while, they decided. (E Note: Purposely used gender neutral pronouns. Cause their gender has now become undecided…)

“Make it a male. Average looks is fine as long as it’s not ugly.” (Renya)

“Ok ! The appearance will be decent, at the level that it’s not repulsive to look at.” (God) (TL Note : LOL !)

After writing everything in the memo, she ripped it out and began to roll it up . From her small lips, she breathed onto the memo, causing it to burn furiously.

Renya wonder why she burned a memo she had written. Then, just like when the angels faded away, a message appeared before him.

「INFO> : You have acquired <Healthy Body> | <Regeneration> | <Alcohol Resistance> | <Gluttony> | <Black-Smithing> | <Fencing> | <Martial Arts> | <Magic (Affinity: Wind)> | <Chant-less Casting> | <Fast Reload> | <Parallel Skill Operation> | <Limitless Growth> | <Judgement> | <Another World’s Language> !」

(TL Note : <報告:「健康体」「超回復」「酒精耐性」「健啖」「鍛冶」「剣術」「体術」「魔術(適性:風)」「無詠唱」「高速充填」「術式並列起動」「成長限界突破」「鑑定」「異世界言語」を取得しました>  Please help with the naming )

(E Note: With Judgement, Alternative Trans are: <Educated Opinion>, <Wisdom>, <Intelligence>)

“What’s this ? “ (Renya)

“Think of it as something like a skill in games… But, now that I think of it, a 94 year-old gramps wouldn’t have played games, huh..” (God)

“It’s alright. I know that much.” (Renya)

Even though he didn’t have any memory of playing a game, he understood the chibi’s analogy.

“Is that so ? I guess I don’t have to explain it. For now, I have granted Renya-san skills that Renya-san wished for. Please remember them and use them. Also, I can’t promise the skills will always be active. I’ll permit you to use a hotline to me once a day. Though, please understand that I can’t always answer. You should be fine if you imagine using the skill in your head.” (God)

“Is that so ? Then, when will I leave ?” (Renya)

“We can go as soon as you are prepared.” (God)

Beside the chibi, a glowing portal appeared. Renya somehow understood that he needed to enter that in order to proceed.

“Then, I’ll be going. I wonder how many years will pass before our next meeting.” (Renya)

“If you suck, it will be soon. If you are average, a few decades. If you’re good, maybe we won’t meet again.” (God)

“I don’t think immortality exists there, though. Well, if I like that world, maybe I’ll spare some time to look for it.” (Renya)

“Although I can’t answer that, it’s probably worth searching for it.” (God)

Doesn’t that mean it exists ? (Renya)

While thinking thus, Renya continued to walk towards the portal before stopping to take a glance at the chibi again.

“Well, here I go.” (Renya)

“Once again, we apologize for the trouble. We wish you a good life.” (God)

While saying that, the girl bowed.

When Renya passed through the gate, words appeared his head.

「<Info> : You have acquired <God’s blessing> !」

Thus, Renya lead his second life that he didn’t exactly ask for. He walked towards the new world.

Author Note: To preserve my writing, I’ll drop things bit by bit. (E Note: Hard to translate but this is the basic message.)




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