Isekai Mahou | Chapter 7 : Can’t go against the gap in power

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That night, Astel’s King Almadius was standing in front of the north building in the deepest part of Camelia. Felmenia was standing in silence.


(This is… What…) (Felmenia)


She could only let out such words of embarrassment. The cause was none other than the armor in front of her. This armor that was placed here was created by a rather famous mage, even among the mages in Astel’s history. A golem capable of moving on its own. It was produced by the great sage that had a big role in developing Camelia. This product was something that he could only create once a lifetime.


Why was this thing here? Of course, it was placed by Felmenia to “stop” Suimei Yakagi. It’s something she brought out from the treasury.


She thought that Suimei would come here again. But, when the guard’s patrol was over, the golem was standing still… That’s why they thought he hadn’t come, but, then why was the door open…


When she checked the immobile golem, it seemed that the golem had been reduced to nothing but a wreck with the appearance of a golem.


(What a cruel thing to do to this golem…) (Felmenia)


Muttered Felmenia, while shocked…


There’s no doubt that the golem was activated. She had already checked its functionality before, even though this was an artifact, it was as good as new.


If it has been activated, then it must have encountered Suimei. But, there’s no trace of battle anywhere. Impossible… The golem was made for defensive purposes. When Felmenia tested it too, its functions couldn’t be easily disabled.


Then, how did he reduce it to this state? The inside was literally destroyed, only its appearance has been maintained.


What magic did he use to fix it? Even if he destroyed it by force, it couldn’t be like this. There’s no trace of magic, and the situation has made clear that the golem is okay.


The culprit was standing and wandering about the room. It was as if he didn’t even care about Felmenia.


(Fuck.) (Felmenia)


Due to her wild imagination, she uttered a word she had never used before. Such vulgar language. Felmenia Stingray, who was considered a genius, the youngest to ever climb to the rank of court mage, could no longer restrain herself. She was outraged. Even though she knew that he didn’t even notice her, she couldn’t hold it in. She won’t let anyone underestimate a court mage.


(Fine, bring it on. I will make you reflect on your foolish actions. I will show you the true depths of magic you don’t know. I will let you taste it. Definitely.) (Felmenia)


Inside this girl who is called White Flame, a Dark Flame was burning. She had become obsessed, and lost sight of what’s right and wrong.


That’s right, as of this moment, her sense of duty, responsibility, and her beliefs had been blinded by her pride.


To the boy from another world that left his back wide open, she muttered.


(Suimei Yakagi, I will show you the true strength of the White Flame.) (Felmenia)


While she muttered that, she had no way of knowing of the despair that would soon destroy her pride. (TL Note: Muehehehehehe)


That night, a few days after the golem incident, when everyone was asleep in Camelia, Felmenia was tailing the lone boy.


She took this chance when he was secretly taking a stroll. She would deliver the hammer of judgment upon this boy who neglected the king’s authority. She put a reasonable distance between them, and continued the chase.


Of course, like always, there was no way Suimei could have noticed her. She always used wind magic to erase her footsteps and fatigue. And if she used concealment magic to erase her presence, there’s no way anyone could notice. Anyone.


Suimei, without any hesitation, strolled in the darkness. It seemed he was going to a different place this time. He was wearing something they called “Blazer” that seemed to be their school uniform or some sort.


He seemed to be wandering aimlessly. Even though Felmenia didn’t know where he was going, she intended to show up herself and personally deliver judgment.


(Tsu~!) (Felmenia)


There was a shadowy figure nearby. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone awake. Who the hell…


But, it might’ve just been her imagination. If one thought normally, there was no one other than Eji who would go for a walk this late. Then, she tried to chase Suimei once again.


“He disappeared!?” (Felmenia)


There was no way for their eyes to have met. The moment she lost him, he erased his presence.


Even though he was supposed to be just ahead according to his walking speed, there was no sight of him.


But, if she couldn’t see him, she could just search for him.

She instantly gathered magic and cast wind magic.


“Oh, wind. Become my servant. Show me the knowledge I seek. <Wind Search>!” (Felmenia)


What she chanted was wind magic. It would allow her to find the information she wanted.

Soon, she could hear the footsteps. It was quite far, but not that far. There was a weird fixed rhythm in the steps. Without any further thought, she continued her chase.


“Here huh… Mu?” (Felmenia)


While running, she realized something.


(Wait… What lies ahead is…) (Felmenia)


Noticing the destination, she grew even angrier. The destination was the White Garden (白亜の庭園), which was the most prestigious place in Camelia.


Here is the place where the king spends his private time. It’s not a place where you can just walk in. She couldn’t take it anymore, she chased him while stomping the floor.


Beyond the stone passage, she went through a little garden and moved forward. She swore to punish him. When she went through the last passage, she was dazzled a bit by the moonlight. She began to accumulate her magic, and moved forward.


There, stood a lone mage.


The White Garden. Beside the tall obelisk in the center stood a boy, gazing at the stars, Suimei Yakagi.


The black sky, stretching from heaven to earth, and earth to heaven. A spectacular scene. With the moon covered in the dark night. The air was cold.


It was unknown as to when he changed his clothes, the “blazer” from back then was gone. His outfit had changed to “covered in black”. A flawless one-dress that can make one mistake his figure.


“Well, well, I don’t think chasing someone and sniffing around is a good hobby you know? Those who do that are just stupid and pathetic stray sheep that know nothing you know?” (Suimei)


He smirked fearlessly. It seemed that he knew all along. It was like leading a lost child. He said that with a face of ridicule.


“No way… You knew?” (Felmenia)


“Well, if someone chases you with such pathetic skills, it’s weirder not to notice it.” (Suimei)


“……!” (Felmenia)


He said that, implying that it was a natural thing to notice her tailing him.

To think that he could see through her perfect concealment magic. It was unexpected.

That means that this time, it was an invitation.


She grinded her teeth. This was the first time she had felt so humiliated. She couldn’t accept the fact that she’d been dancing in his palm all along. She was very angry. She was invited here. While still on guard due to this unexpected situation, she raised her voice to him.


“Then, you bastard, what do you intend to do?” (Felmenia)


“I don’t have any plan. I was just taking a stroll. There’s no rule that forbids people from leaving their rooms at night, right? That’s why, for just this time, I tried to go to place I have never been before.” (Suimei)


“Do you think you can deceive me with such reasoning? If you noticed me, why did you come here?” (Felmenia)


She couldn’t hide her frustration, since she got busted. Then, Suimei laughed mischievously instead.


“As expected, it failed, huh? Hahaha.” (Suimei)


“I will ask again, why did you come to this place?” (Felmenia)


“I wonder why… That’s because…” (Suimei)


As expected, he only laughed. As if he was having fun because it was all going as he’d predicted. He stared at her with eyes that told her he saw through it all.


“That is, the same reason as you. Right?” (Suimei)


“……” (Felmenia)


“Oh? You chose to shut up? I was quite certain that it was the case. I wonder if I was wrong…” (Suimei)


While saying that, moving his hand as if he were accustomed to it, he put on his black glove. There was nothing to be said anymore. She was frustrated that her plan got busted. To hide her frustration, she tried to change the topic.


“You bastard, where did you get those clothes?” (Felmenia)


Yeah, she had never seen those clothes before. The coat was long and pitch black. Beneath it, he wore a strongly woven decorative white shirt. And black trousers. That kind of clothing.


“Ah! This suit? I always wear this as my battle uniform.” (Suimei)


“You always wear it? But, during the summoning, you didn’t wear anything like that!” (Felmenia)


“It was in my bag. You saw my belongings right?” (Suimei)


Try to remember. It’s true that she kept the belongings of those three before.




“There’s no way such clothes would fit into the container!” (Felmenia)


“Oi, no matter how much you use those remarks, it only makes you seem hard-headed you know?” (Suimei) (TL Note: Implying she’s stupid.)


He shrugged with annoyance. That’s right… He’s a mage…


“I see. Magic tools huh?” (Felmenia)


“Though somehow it seems like a random answer, but well, yeah, correct. Though it looks like this, I use it a lot. This is one of my favorites you know?” (Suimei)


Suimei bragged a little. Magic tools: tools that hold power. Normally, a magic tool can demonstrate impossible power. It’s true that if that were the case, it would make sense. But, she had never heard of a magic tool to increase storage capacity. She thought that it couldn’t be applied by any of the eight attributes. But, if he has that kind of magic tool, it’s probably natural to brag about it.


After bragging about his bag and putting on his glove, he fixed his coat collar, and then interrupted daringly.


“Well, well, the night is nigh, shall we begin?” (Suimei)


“Don’t joke with me. This is His Highness’ special garden. Do you think a fight would be allowed here?” (Felmenia)


The White Garden. Fighting here would be an insolent act. Thus, she glared at him. But, Suimei only laughed and sneered.


“Heh… the White Garden huh? It’s true that it’s a bright place befitting of its name. But, do you really think this is the White Garden?” (Suimei)


“What are you talking about? The garden beside you and the white obelisk in the center are already proof. The garden here is filled with seeds from all over the kingdom. And what the king likes the most is, the spire…… Ah!” (Felmenia)


There was nothing there. It was supposed to be there. But, not even a shadow was left. She panicked right away. Realizing that, Suimei spoke so as to ridicule her.


“What’s wrong? There’s nothing on your left though? That thing that you probably want to talk about, is on your right though?” (Suimei)


After it was pointed out, she turned right away.


“Ridiculous, The king’s room is supposed to be on the left side, why, why is it on the right side!?” (Felmenia)


The tower was there. She couldn’t respond to this mysterious phenomenon. There was no reason. It was impossible. Just like he said, it was on her right.


Confusion and questions filled her head, what was going on? The throne tower was supposed to be on her left, though she never really goes there, she was certain. But now, it was on the right. What was going on?


Then, Suimei said while closing his eyes.


“That’s right. There are two answers I can think up. It’s either that you were mistaken, or, this is not the White Garden.” (Suimei)


“That’s ridiculous, there’s no way…” (Felmenia)


“Is that so? Then why has the spire changed from your left to your right? Why does the moon rise from the right? Does this garden reverse it all? I dare you to tell me.” (Suimei)


“Th-That is…” (Felmenia)


Even if he asked her, she didn’t know the answer. It was true that everything here was somehow reversed. It was like a different world.


“<Phantom Road>” (Suimei)


“Phantom Road?” (Felmenia)


The word Suimei muttered was something she didn’t know. It might have been something that he used, but she didn’t understand it at all.


“That’s right, this is inside a barrier I created. Everything is mirrored here. It’s a world I created. It’s what you call imaginary space.” (Suimei)


“Wh-What? Imaginary space? What are you talking about? What did you do?” (Felmenia)


Even though he tried to explain his magic, she couldn’t understand it at all. As a mage, she had never seen anything like this, nor thought that any of the elements could do this.


Magic was something that came from elements. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Wood, Darkness, and Light. 8 elements. Magic always consisted of one of these elements. We brought forth the elements to the process, and magic was created.


But, there was no element that was supposed to be essential here. Nothing.


“Well, well, right from that part? I knew it. This world’s magic is too far behind. That’s why it became an unknown language and concept.” (Suimei)


“This is magic? There’s no way magic can transform the space like this. What elements did you use? There’s no way.” (Felmenia)


“Well, it’s not only the appearance that changed, but is it that strange? This barrier is a bit too basic though?” (Suimei)


She had never heard of that kind of magic, even the attribute was strange.


“Barrier… magic?” (Felmenia)


“Oi, oi, don’t tell me, there’s not even the concept of barrier magic here?” (Suimei)


“What are you talking about?” (Felmenia)


“Barrier! B-A-R-R-I-E-R! Are you deaf or what?” (Suimei)


“I-I don’t know! There’s no such thing in this world!” (Felmenia)


“Seriously? I’m starting to feel peerless in this world you know?” (Suimei)


Suimei sighed upon hearing of the state of this world’s magic. It seems he gave up explaining.


“Oh well, let’s skip the hard part. Basically, this is not the White Garden, it’s something I created with magic. That’s why we can fight all out. No one would notice.” (Suimei)


“Ugh…” (Felmenia)


Though she didn’t know the details, she realized that this was a cage prepared by him.

After a few moments of silence, Suimei spoke.


“Well, I guess you’re shocked upon learning many new things. But, remaining calm in these situations is a must. Shall we start now?” (Suimei)


“Do you really think you can beat me in magic? I’m Astel Kingdom’s court mage, Felmenia Stingray. To face this coward, you are the one who’s gonna lose!” (Felmenia)


She still thought that she could destroy this boy. That’s right. Think about it. She’s the White Flame. She’s a mage that reached the pinnacle of flame magic. If it were to come to a fight, it’s a sure-win. So far, she has destroyed many demons.


There’s no way she’d lose in terms of magic power. This was, rather, an advantage for her, since she wouldn’t be able to fight if she weren’t in here.


Yeah, there was no reason to fear him…


“Even if you spout more gibberish, the result is clear.” (Felmenia)


“Arara, that’s quite the confidence. Do you really think you can defeat me?” (Suimei)


“Fine. I will show you the power of Felmenia Stingray, who has reached the true flame. The mage revered as White Flame in Astel Kingdom. Taste my flame!” (Felmenia)


“Mu… true flame?” (Suimei)


Hearing that, Suimei’s expression changed.


Of course, my flame is true flame. Every mage that hears it will tremble upon hearing it and seeing it.


She will show her magic that she boasts of.


“Oh fire. Become the true flame and burn away those who stray from your path. Burn away everything. Become the white catastrophe. <True Flare>!” (Felmenia)


When she chanted it, a white flame swirled. The white flame sucked in the nearby wind, its temperature was many times hotter than a normal flame. A flame that burns everything.


“Na~” (Suimei)


Suimei, who was consumed by the White Flame, let out a weird tone. He just stood there. Of course, this was the revered, longed by all, inextinguishable, the prestigious White Flame. It’s natural if he gives up.


Even though Suimei was surrounded by the flame and was bewildered. He suddenly snapped his finger timidly.


Suddenly, the flame lost its color, and turned red instead.

(TL Note : )

“Wh-What!?” (Felmenia)


As her confidence was fleeting, the flame gradually disappeared.


Suimei, who was burned a while ago, looked at the scenery for a while, and turned to her.


“Hmm, is that all?” (Suimei)


His expectations were betrayed by this puny result. It was anti-climactic.


The only thing that came from her mouth was… confusion.


“Wh-Wh-Why!? Why did my White Flame disappear!? That’s the strongest flame you know!? Wh-Why… Only by snapping your finger…” (Felmenia)


“Uwahh.. You are that serious? I thought True Flame would be something dangerous, but, it’s only accelerating the combustion by adding oxygen.” (Suimei)


“Wh-What’s with that attitude!? M-My fire!” (Felmenia)


Watching Suimei’s disappointment, she couldn’t say anything. Why was the flame gone? Why was he disappointed? Thinking that, she could only get frustrated.


“No curse, no meaning in the flame, it’s just something that was pulled out of nowhere. That’s why it’s pitifully weak. If I were your teacher, I would be shouting at you to start from the basics again.” (Suimei)


“Wh-What? What’s wrong with my magic!?” (Felmenia)


“Everything! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! You are just a normal flamethrower!” (Suimei)


“Wh-What!?” (Felmenia)


“God… I don’t care anymore…” (Suimei)


Suimei gave up explaining. His amazed eyes turned into eyes of pity. She was irritated that he broke her magic. What did he do? What happened?


When he sighed again, suddenly at his feet…


A magic circle appeared.


“Wh-What!?” (Felmenia)


“What now?” (Suimei)


Suimei was tired of her. But, now, she seemed to be seeing something amazing. She was shocked seeing something impossible.


“A magic circle created without writing it? Impossible…” (Felmenia)


“Heh?” (Suimei)


“Heh my ass. What did you do!? Why did a magic circle suddenly appear!?” (Felmenia)


She was now yelling at him in bewilderment. But, Suimei was supposed to be the one to do that…


A magic circle is something that can appear not only on the ground, on paper, or on anything. It’s something that appears on any surface when someone constructs a magic. In magic practice, it’s something that helps us simplify things.


Normally, one must draw it themselves. That’s why it can’t be used in battle. It can only be used in ceremony. But, just now, he… Without doing anything…


“Well, isn’t it normal?” (Suimei)


“Normal my ass. It will become a mess if anything interrupts the drawing process!” (Felmenia)


She yelled again. Suimei let out a troubled face.


“Seriously? Even that part? Did this world’s magic die or something?” (Suimei)


Suimei was looking at her. While thinking, with his finger on his forehead, he spoke with a different tone.


“Hmm, listen, in order to make a magic circle automatically, you have to implement the system in the foundation of magic itself beforehand. If you do that, the magic circle will appear when you use magic, and you can use magic quickly. Understand?” (Suimei)




“Eh? Ah?” (Felmenia)


“Don’t just chirp like a bird saying that it’s impossible. Isn’t it happening in front of you right now? If you keep shouting nonsense, and deny even this magic that is happening right now, I will not approve of you as western people. Got it?” (Suimei)


“……” (Felmenia)


She was frustrated that she couldn’t respond. So, she shut up. Even though what he said seemed legit, she had never heard about a technique to make magic circles appear upon activation. There has never been anything like that even among the elders.


“It’s just a simplification of magic. It’s essential in battle. Is this really a fantasy world? It’s like our world is more of a fantasy world than this one you know?” (Suimei)


“Th-There’s a simplification of magic! The greatest example is no-chant technique!” (Felmenia)


“Eh? What’s that? No-Chant is such an advanced technique?” (Suimei)


“O-Of course!” (Felmenia)


“Well, if it’s a big spell, it’s a different matter. Then, will this be a great trick?” (Suimei)


Suimei said that easily. He snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the air in front of her burst greatly.


There was not even a moment to take a breath. The exploded air was blowing in four directions, causing a big shockwave.


“Wh-What!? No chant!? Furthermore, not even a word!?” (Felmenia)


“That’s cool Suimei-kun! You can do it without chanting! Now, you will join the mages’ ranks! Pfft… Stupid.” (Suimei)


He seemed proud for a moment, then immediately depressed. He was not in the mood anymore.




“I’ve had enough of your explanations. I have no intention to ask you anymore. That’s why.” (Felmenia)


Then, he chanted.


“<Archiatius Overload>!” (Suimei)

(TL Note : 

Was that the chant? Archiatius Overload? Since the chant was short, Felmenia didn’t know what it does, but under his feet, a magic circle was shining brightly.


Then, a white light with rainbow sparkle appeared.


“!?” (Felmenia)


It was a tremendous magic power. It was so bright that she closed her eyes for a moment. Then, after a silence, she opened her eyes and saw a figure of someone standing there with an intimidating magic aura.


“What!? His magic power increased!? Wha-” (Felmenia)


“What now? I’m already tired listening to you. Don’t say any more than that. Ah. I get it. You are surprised because of the amplification of magic power? I know, I know. I already know your question.” (Suimei)


Suimei was already tired of her questions. He no longer intended to answer her, so he shot down her question right away.


He took a breath and then spoke again.


“Even though I said that we should start now, we wasted too much time. Okay then, Miss Mage, is it my turn?” (Suimei)


When he asked that, Suimei was wearing an interested expression. It looked fun.


She didn’t know what just happened. Since she came here, she had thought that many times. The magic amplification too, in the end, like the boy said, he used a magic circle to activate his magic.


Since she prepared magic circles beforehand, it was still weird. It required time to draw them, and it made the time to use magic increase as well. But, the man in front of her produced a miracle. He ignored the minimum time required.


No matter if it was a lie or not, it was the reality. He used it without writing it. He did something she couldn’t do or even understand. This boy was definitely invaluable. He has learned magic in a world she didn’t know. He should have obtained a divine knowledge.


This boy is definitely stronger than me.


This boy is definitely stronger than the senior mages whom I studied from.


This boy is definitely stronger than Hero Reiji.


This boy is definitely stronger than the Demon Lord that will destroy the world…


“You… What are you?” (Felmenia)


“Oh, I forgot. I’ve never named myself since I came here. Okay, fine. I will specially name myself before you.”


Suimei, as if remembering something, opened his mouth again.


“I am a mage. Suimei Yakagi. My goal is to reach the truth behind all of the world’s mysteries. At the moment, Japan’s western scholar.” (Suimei)


Mage. Suimei Yakagi.


The one who brought down the strongest mage in Astel’s history to the ground. A name that she won’t ever be able to forget.


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